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ABB Grain (ABB) is involved in a diverse range of agricultural services spread across the entire supply chain, including accumulation, storage, malt, processing, logistics, fertilizer, financial services, wool, marketing, ship chartering and trading. ABB was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 22 July, 2002. ABB is primarily in the business of marketing of agricultural commodities, the handling and storage of grain and other bulk commodities, the provision of financial products to growers, and malt manufacture and marketing.

ABB Takeover gets Approval from Shareholders

The shareholders of ABB Grains (ABB) have voted in favour of a $1.6 billion takeover bid of Viterra, the agribusiness giant of Canada. The deal will lead towards the emergence of world’s biggest barley, wheat and canola exporter. It is to be mentioned that shareholders of ABB Grains represents about 83 percent of the company.

Upcoming Dividends on the ASX in January 2006

Merchant House International (MHI) which runs factories in Hong Kong and China, goes ex-div for one-cent unfranked interim dividend this Friday (20th), payable on 31 January.

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