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Agenix (AGX) is an Australian-based company engaged in the research and development of biotechnology. Agenix provides development of the innovative monoclonal antibodies medical products. AGX was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 8th of October 1987. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately AUD$1 million. Its headquarters is located in Queensland, Australia and to date; around 130 people are employed in the company. It operates mainly through AGEN Biomedical, an AGX wholly owned subsidiary.

AGEN Biomedical specialises in the advanced medical diagnosis of different human diseases. It is considered as a specialist for blood clot and thrombosis. Hu3B6, an Agenix proprietary ThromboView humanised antibody is labeled with the technetium-99m (Tc-99m). It is a common imaging radioisotope used extensively for the production of nuclear medicine. It is also referred to as single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) agent that uses a radioactive signal that is detected and emitted by a gamma camera.

Moreover, AGEN offers the Investigator sites with storage and distribution services for clinical trial materials. It also reconciles and destructs returned goods. Its logistic management division includes storing the supplies in a secure temperature monitored environment, receiving and tracking of supplies, coordinating courier services and customs regulations, secondary packaging and labeling facilities, distributing clinical trial supplies to investigator sites, reconciling all supplies on an ongoing basis, receiving the returned supplies from trial sites return of supplies to the sponsor company or personal supervision of supplies destruction by an accredited waste facility.

Agenix (AGX) Company History

In 1987, the incorporation of Agenix under the name Biotech International took place. It was also in the same year when the company was made public and was listed on the ASX. In 2000, a license agreement for thepatent Agen's D-dimer between Agenix and Diagnostic Stago took place. Also in the year 2000, an announcement of the memorandum signing between Agenix and Advanced Biochemicals was made. This memorandum was for the purpose of manufacturing the AGX enzyme called B230.

The company's expansion started in 2001 when Procter and Gamble sold its Milton Infant Hygiene to AGX. It was also in the same year when the AGX purchased the PhytoProtein Biotech. In 2002, AGX launched its Level 1 American Depositary Receipt facility however, 3 years later; the Milton Pharmaceutical business of AGX was sold.

In 2007, an agreement for the binding heads of bio-pharmaceutical company was signed by Agenix Ltd. In October of the same year, China's State Food and Drug Administration approved the YouHeDing (adefovir dipivoxil), an anti-hepatitis B virus drug of Agenix.

Agenix (AGX) Products and Services

  • Veterinary and medical diagnostic products/technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products and biochemicals
  • Diagnostic research and development
  • Thrombosis diagnostics and research
  • Advanced biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Storage and distribution of clinical trial material

Agenix Limited Competitors

  • Biota Holdings Ltd
  • PANBIO Limited
  • Pharmaxis Ltd
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Novogen Limited

Agenix (AGX) Locations and Subsidiaries

Agenix Limited Headquarters
7 Durbell St
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110
Phone: (07) 3370 6396
Fax: (07) 3370 6347

Agenix Limited Subsidiaries

Agen Biomedical Pty Ltd

Other Agenix Limited Details

Agenix Limited Year Established: 1987
ACN: 009 213 754
D-U-N-S: 757863063
BN: 58009213754
Previous Company Names:Biotech International Ltd; Unifund (Australia) Limited

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