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Agenix (AGX) is an Australian-based company engaged in the research and development of biotechnology. Agenix provides development of the innovative monoclonal antibodies medical products. AGX was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 8th of October 1987. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately AUD$1 million. Its headquarters is located in Queensland, Australia and to date; around 130 people are employed in the company. It operates mainly through AGEN Biomedical, an AGX wholly owned subsidiary.

Agenix Dividends

18 October, 2010 - 00:51

Read about the past dividends for Agenix. The dividend a corporation pays is the amount of money, normally a portion of the profits, a board of directors distributes to the ordinary shareholders of the corporation. If Agenix Limited has released a dividend, you may be eligible to receive AGX dividends if the share trader the company's shares on the ex-dividend date. If you are interested in receiving a dividend, you must purchase the shares before the ex dividend date. If you buy the stocks on or after the ex dividend date, the previous owner of the stock will receive the dividend.

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