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Ansell Limited (ANN) is an Australian-based company whose principal activities include the development, manufacturing as well as sourcing, distribution and marketing of gloves and other protective products with main operations in Europe, Americas and the Asia Pacific. ANN was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 22nd of August 1985. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $1.2 billion out of its issued capital of $1.6 billion. Its headquarters is located in Richmond, Australia and to date; 11, 594 people are employed in the company. Ansell Limited operates mainly in three business segments: Consumer Health Care, Occupational Health Care and Professional Health Care.

The Consumer Health Care segment of Ansell Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of household gloves, condoms and other personal products. In this business segment, Ansell maintains different brands that include Contempo, LifeStyles, Primex, LifeStyles Sport, KamaSutra, Mates, Chekmate and Pleasure.

The Occupational Health Care segment of ANN is in charged of the manufacturing as well as the marketing of safety and occupational health gloves. Ansell provides its customers with products ranging from food industry all the way to automotive industry. The clients and customers of Ansell in this segment include electronics, semiconductors, and other manufacturers of high technology products. It also offers a variety of gloves exclusively developed for the food service industry as well as the food processing market segment including the preparation, processing, packing and serving of different food products.

The Professional Health Care segment of Ansell Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of surgical, examination and medical gloves for the infection control and hand barrier protection. Included in the customers of this segment are the health care professionals. This segment of ANN maintains brands like Encore, Gammex, Nutex, Conform, X-AM, Microptic, Dermaclean and Synsation.

Ansell Company History

The history of Ansell Limited (ANN) started way back 1893 at a branch of Dunlop in UK. It was first incorporated as the Dunlop Rubber Company of Australia and it began with its toy balloon manufacturing in 1919. It was in 1925 when Ansel Limited started manufacturing and producing household, work and surgical gloves. Until 1960, the company was focused only on the rubber-based products manufacturing.

In 1980, Pacific Dunlop was formed as a result of the merging of Dunlop Rubber Company of Australia and Olympic Consolidated Industries, another industrial company in Australia. It was in 1983 when the Pacific Plymers, an Oregon-based company was acquired by Ansell. In 1984, Apair Gloves of UK was also acquired by the company and AnsellCares, a latex sensitivity research program was established by Ansell in 1992.

In 1988, the medical division of Ansell was established and following it was the acquisition of Repco, a distribution business for automotive parts in Australia as well as the Edmont Industrial Glove business which was acquired in the later part of 1980.

The Indonesian and Chinese facilities of Ansell were sold in 2000 and it was also in the same year when Johnson & Johnson's medical glove business was acquired by the company. In the later part of 2000, the Sara Lee Apparel business as well as the Clark's shoes Pacific brands in Fiji and Australasia was acquired by the company. However, in 2002, The Pacific Brands as well as the Pacific Automotive were sold and the name of the company was finally changed to Ansell.

The first phase of Ansell's Operation Full Potential was launched in the fiscal year 2003. The Operation Full Potential was a three tear program which was designed to improve the operating performance of Ansell. It was also in this period when the manufacturing facilities of the company were moved to South East Asia and Mexico from US. The investments in the South Pacific Tyres (SPT) were sold by Ansell in December 2005 and a year later, the company purchased 75% of the stakes condom marketer in China, Wuhan Jissbon Sanitary Products Company. In May of the same year, an announcement to terminate its American Depository Receipt program as well as to delist the company from the NASDAQ National Market was made by the company. In August of the same year, Marissa Peterson was appointed to become the director of the company

Ansell (ANN) Products and Services

  • Latex rubber
  • Surgical and medical gloves
  • Condoms
  • Brands owned by Ansell:
    • Ansell
    • Ansell Perry
    • LifeStyles
    • Contempo
    • Kama Sutra
    • Mates
    • Manix
    • Gammex
    • Conform
    • Encore
    • NuTex
    • Synsation
    • Nitratouch
    • Dermaclean
    • MicrOptic
    • X-AM
  • Ansell Professional Healthcare products:
    • Exam powder-free gloves
    • Exam powdered gloves
    • Exam synthetic gloves
    • Surgical powder-free gloves
    • Surgical synthetic gloves
    • Specialty surgical gloves
    • Tubing
    • Wall brackets
  • Ansell Consumer products:
    • Condoms
    • Medi-touch gloves
    • Personal lubricants
  • Ansell Occupational Healthcare:
    • Aprons, sleeves and vests
    • Cut resistant glove
    • Disposable gloves
    • Critical environment gloves
    • Chemical resistant gloves
    • General purpose gloves
    • Special purpose gloves
    • Rainwear

Ansell (ANN) Competitors

  • Cardinal Medical Products and Services
  • Church & Dwight
  • Kryocor
  • Labtech Systems
  • NSL Health
  • SSL International

Ansell (ANN) Locations and Subsidiaries

Ansell Head Office
Level 3
678 Victoria St
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9270 7270
Fax: (03) 9270 7300

Ansell Subsidiaries

Aliph Pty Ltd
Slumberland (Australia) Pty Ltd
PD Holdings Pty Ltd
Cliburn Investments Pty Ltd
Vision Cables Pty Ltd
Wattmaster Alco Pty Ltd
Nucleus Limited
Click Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Japan KK - Japan
Pacific Distribution Properties Ltd
Dexboy International Pty Ltd
Ativ Pac Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Holdings (China) Co Ltd
Union Knitting Mills Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Belting Pty Ltd
International Better Brands Pty Ltd
Australian Battery Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Boydex International Pty Ltd
Textile Industrial Design & Engineering Limited
Pacific Dunlop (UK) Ltd
P D Licensing Ltd
The Distribution Group Holdings Limited
Ansell GmbH - Germany
Niblick Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Finance Pty Ltd
Sport Australia (Export) Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop (Asia) Ltd - Hong Kong
PSL Industries Pty Ltd
GNB Battery Technologies Limited
Olex Pty Ltd
Duratray Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Holdings (NZ) Ltd
FGDP Pty Ltd
Olympic General Products Pty Ltd
Pacific Dunlop Linings Pty Ltd
XDDS Pty Ltd
Siteprints Pty Ltd
F J's Auto Plus Limited
ATEB Pty Ltd
Dunlop Olympic Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Other Ansell Details

Ansell Year Established: 1920
ACN: 004 085 330
D-U-N-S: 753172428
ABN: 89004085330
Previous Company Names: Pacific Dunlop Limited; Dunlop Olympic Limited; Dunlop Australia Limited

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