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APA Financial Services (APP) provides asset and investment portfolio administration services. The Company focuses on providing advanced technology and support facilities to financial planners, advisers and institutions. APP listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 30th June 2006. APP’s SMART Portfolio Solutions developed by professionals within the financial sector, provide a distinctive and sophisticated platform for use in the administration, management and reporting of any type of investment portfolio. The advisers have a 24 hour access to this platform via internet and they can immediately view and transact on a client's entire portfolio, handle their collective or individual value and examine tax consequences, irrespective of asset type or tax entity in which they are held.

A large number of individuals and organizations are taking interest in SMART Portfolio Solutions due to its advantageous nature. Its flexibility and technological benefits let advisers to cater superior investment advice and portfolio management facilities to all investors.APA is well positioned in Australian financial services market by continually investing in enhancement to the platform. These sustained investments have resulted in the increased quality of its services.

APA Financial Services History

APA Financial Services was created in 1992 with an aim to develop and promote a service that could overcome the boundaries of existing platforms and to provide services to firms that could not practically operate an in-house portfolio administration/management service. The Company was originally focused at advisers, accountants and institutions that serviced high net worth individuals and families, but now the system has wider applications and it is also providing services to institutional business. APP was founded by a group of accountants, stockbrokers, merchant bankers and funds managers.

The Company introduced SMART Portfolio Solutions which together with other related services relieved financial advisers from administrative duties. APA manages all administrative tasks hence saving the time and efforts of financial planners and their staff thus allowing them to commit resources to other areas of their clients' portfolios. Since the early nineties these wider applications mirror the increasing wealth and sophistication of Australian investors. APA's strategy of sustained progress has resulted in the system delivering an enhanced range of solutions.

APA started the building of an Internet module to assist the electronic transfer of portfolio administration/management services data to advisers in 1997. This significant development has enabled advisers and their clients to have up to date investment information securely by means of a fully badged web site. APP was listed on the ASX on 30 June 2006.

APA Financial Services (APP) Products and Services

  • Investment portfolios and assets

APA Financial Services (APP) Locations and Subsidiaries

APA Financial Services Head Office
Level 1, 197 Adelaide
Tce Perth WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9425 5888
Fax: (08) 9425 5889

Other APA Financial Services Details

APA Financial Services Year Established: 1992
ACN: 057 046 607
D-U-N-S: 757950084
ABN: 36057046607

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