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APA Group (APA) is an established energy transmission infrastructure in Australia which comprises Australian Pipeline Trust and APT Investment Trust. The Company has a gas transmission pipelines infrastructure spread all over Australia and a gas distribution network in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. APA has over 1,000 people employed. APA listed on the ASX on 13 June, 2000. The Company provides the sale of transportation and related services to the producers, clients and aggregators of gas via these gas transmission and distribution pipelines. The Company also possesses two coal seam gas (CSG) processing plants, a gas-fired power station, gas storage facilities and two high voltage direct current interconnection systems, together with underground transmission cables. APA has over 12,000 kilometers of gas transmission pipelines and over 21,400 kilometers of gas distribution networks located throughout Australia. The Company took over the DirectLink electricity transmission assets linking the New South Wales and Queensland power grids in February 2007. It acquired Origin Energy Networks assets in July 2007.

APA was created with a focus to enable AGL to control regulatory risk in its gas transmission pipelines. The Company has two 20 years agreements, the pipeline management agreement and a pipeline development agreement with AGL, from the date of listing. APA operates an internalized management structure and poduces strong cash flows that enable it to finance operating overheads and capital which helps in the maintenance of existing infrastructure and the development of that infrastructure.

APA Group History

APA Group was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 13 June 2000, with the initial public offer price of $2.00 per unit. Australian Pipeline Ltd (APL) is the responsible entity for APA. The Company gained an interest in over 7,100km of pipelines in June 2000 by acquiring the majority of AGL’s Australian gas transmission assets. The Company took over the remaining minority interests in Roma to Brisbane Pipeline and Carpentaria Gas Pipeline in Queensland in 2001 and 2005 respectively. In August 2004, APA completed its acquisition of the Parmelia Gas Pipeline and Mondarra Gas Storage in Western Australia and acquired 88.2% interest in Goldfields Gas Transmission Pipeline.

APA signed a 25 year gas transportation agreement with Power and Water Corporation (Northern Territory) in June 2006 to build up the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline. It completed a full cash offer of $3.10 per stapled security for GasNet Australia Group in December 2006. In July 2007, APA acquired Origin Energy Network assets worth $556 million. Alinta distributed its APA securityholding to its shareholders as a part of the acquirement of Alinta Ltd by Babcock & Brown/Singapore Power International Consortium in August 2007. In October 2007, APA paid $210 million for the transfer of the Alinta operating and maintenance services to APA for many of its principal gas transmission pipelines.

APA Group Products and Services

  • Natural Gas

APA Group Competitors

  • Bass Strait Pipeline
  • EPIC
  • DUE

APA Group Locations and Subsidiaries

APA Group Head Office
580 George Street
HSBC Centre, Level 19
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9693 0000
Fax: (02) 9693 0093
Email: feedback@pipelinetrust.com.au

APA Group Subsidiaries

APT Pipelines Investments (WA) Pty Limited
NT Gas Distribution Pty Limited
APT Pipelines (TTP) Pty Ltd
Agex Pty Limited
APT Pipelines (WA) Pty Limited
NT Gas Easements Pty Limited
NT Gas Pty Limited
APT Petroleum Pipelines Holdings Pty Limited
Murraylink (No 2) Pty Ltd
Trans Australia Pipeline Pty Ltd
Amadeus Gas Trust
Sopic Pty Limited
BPG Asset Pty Ltd
ACN 006 699 378 Pty Limited
Carpentaria Gas Pipeline Joint Venture
APT Pipelines (TTP Investmetns) Pty Ltd
API Goldfields Pty Ltd
SCP Investments (No 2) Pty Ltd
Murraylink (No 1) Pty Ltd
SCP Investments (No 1) Pty Ltd
APT Management Services Pty Limited
APT Petroleum Pipelines Limited
East Australian Pipeline Limited
APT Pipelines (QLD) Pty Limited
Goldfields Gas Transmission Pty Ltd - t/a Goldfields Gas Transmission (GGT)
Roverton Pty Limited
Damore Pty Ltd
Murraylink Transmission Partnership
APT Pipelines (NSW) Pty Limited
APT Pipelines Investments (NSW) Pty Limited
Murraylink Transmission Company Pty Ltd
Western Power Corporation - t/a Western Power Corporation; Westpower Services
Southern Cross Pipelines (NPL) Australia Pty Ltd
GGT Joint Venture
APT Pipelines (NT) Pty Limited
Gasinvest Australia Pty Limited
APT Pipelines (Operations) Pty Ltd
SCP Investments (No 3) Pty Ltd
APT Energy Pty Ltd
APT Bonaparte Pty Ltd

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