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APA Financial Services (APP) provides asset and investment portfolio administration services. The Company focuses on providing advanced technology and support facilities to financial planners, advisers and institutions. APP listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 30th June 2006. APP’s SMART Portfolio Solutions developed by professionals within the financial sector, provide a distinctive and sophisticated platform for use in the administration, management and reporting of any type of investment portfolio.

APA Financial Services Dividends

18 October, 2010 - 01:06

Examine the list of past dividends for APA Financial Services. The dividend a corporation pays is the amount of money, normally a portion of the profits, a board of directors distributes to the ordinary shareholders of the corporation. If Apa Financial Services Ltd has released a dividend, you may be eligible to receive APP dividends if the trader the company's stock on the ex-dividend date. In order to receive the dividend payout, investors must purchase the stock before the ex dividend date.

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