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AquaCarotene (AQL) is principally focused on the growth, production, refinement, marketing and sale of natural marine algae-related materials. The Company produces natural beta-carotene and dry marine algae from Dunaliella salina. Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring substance usually present in red, orange and green fruit and vegetables. AQL listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 5th of January, 1999. The Company’s key operations include manufacturing of dry marine algae, fish farming, formulations for dry marine algae meal as a fish feed material, low-impact mining in the form of general fill materials, and joint venture and profitable opportunities. At present the Company’s ponds for the growth of Dunaliella salina are located at Karratha, Western Australia. Mainly AquaCarotene's business activities can be grouped into two divisions comprising the sale of soil and general fill, and production of natural betacarotene.

Apart from containing Beta Carotene and other anitoxidents AquaCarotene's Dunaliella salina dry marine algae is also very rich in minerals and important fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. The company is also planning to manufacture its own range of cosmetics along with the wholesale of the product. AQL is also looking for prospective mining opportunities on its land holdings. As for marketing, AQL is benefitted from the fact that its betaCarotene is produced naturally therefore the potential customers for its product are 'natural' food and supplement producers. The company is also researching on betaCarotene extraction.

Aquacarotene History

The Company was established in 1989 as Aqua Carotene Industries and commenced its activities as a private business. The Company was primarily focused on the promotion of its betaCarotene production from Dunaliella Sallina. In 1994 AQL got a 21-year lease for its growth ponds at Karathra. The Company adopted its current name Aquacarotene Limited and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999.

Aquacarotene (AQL) Products and Services

  • Food colouring and dietary supplements

Aquacarotene Competitors

  • Henkel Corporation
  • Lion Corporation
  • BetaPharm
  • Nature Beta Technology
  • Western Biotech

Aquacarotene (AQL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Aquacarotene Head Office
16 Emerald Tce
West Perth WA 6005
Phone: (08) 9382 1222
Fax: (08) 9389 8327

Aquacarotene Subsidiaries

Natural BetaCarotene (Australia) Ltd

Other Aquacarotene Details

AquaCarotene Year Established: 1996
ACN: 074 969 056
D-U-N-S: 743391430
ABN: 18074969056

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