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Asian Pacific (AAS) is a holding Company that offers financial services. Its principal activities incorporate the development, research and promotion of stock market analysis and portfolio management software applications. AAS listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on January 10, 2001. Star Trader / Go Gecko is the Company’s software product that is basically a share price charting and technical analysis application containing a range of technical analysis variables. AAS manages a website “ Pty Ltd” which provides daily data updates from Australian Stock Exchange and other global stock markets as well as the information about purchasing of marketing lists via Source List Services Pty Ltd. Asian Pacific conducts these activities through five divisions which include Share Market Trading and Educational Software Division, Stockbroking Division, Asian Pacific Group Division, Corporate Support Services Division and Compliance Services Division. During the fiscal 2007, the Company purchased 12 entities to create a financial services group.

Asian Pacific uses a medium risk business model, which inherits risk of a mainly non-recurring income model basically based on variable cost model. The Company’s software sales are structured on a one-time, direct fee method and contribute about 91% of the total group income. AAS generates its income via its website by providing online stock data services to its software users.

Asian Pacific History

Asian Pacific (AAS) was formerly known as Blue Chip Software Corp Pty Limited. It was renamed to Tomato Technology Limited upon attaining the public status in October 2000. In September 2000, it completed the acquisition of Micro Corporation. In July 2002, the company signed a joint venture agreement with Koukia for the development of insurance software. Koukia signed a joint venture agreement with IBM in October 2002. The company adopted its current name Asian Pacific Limited in May 2007.

Asian Pacific (AAS) Products and Services

  • Stock market analysis
  • Portfolio management and insurance software

Asian Pacific (AAS) Locations and Subsidiaries

Asian Pacific Head Office
255 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (07) 5531 8811
Fax: (07) 5531 8822

Asian Pacific Subsidiaries

Micro Corporation Australia Pty Ltd

Other Asian Pacific Details

Asian Pacific Year Established: 1984
ACN: 088 313 393
D-U-N-S: 756793964
ABN: 27088313393
Previous Company Names: Blue Chip Software Corporation Limited; Tomato Technologies Limited

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