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Astron (ATR) is a leading global producer and distributor of advanced zirconium chemicals and materials, operating in China. The Company specialises in zircon products, zirconia and zirconium chemicals, rare earth and other unique chemicals, and coating materials for use in optics and electronics industry. Astron listed on the Australian stock Exchange on 11th of November, 1983. The Company manufactures chemical zirconias and zirconium chemicals which include zirconium oxychloride, zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium acid sulphate and zirconium basic carbonate. ATR is also engaged in the distribution of rare earth oxides, boron chemical products and Wollastonite products. Astron’s optical product range comprises single crystals and crystal products, substrates and optical pieces coating materials, and metal and rare earth fluorides, oxides, mixtures for coatings, and metal targets for coating. Astron's zircon flour grinding facilities are located in Zibo, Shangdong with a production of 3,000 tons per year and at Bayuquan, Liaoning with a production of 9,000 tons per annum. Astron also operates in Gambia and Australia.

Astron is well placed in China and it has three production plants, nine branch sale offices and 18 warehouses in China. The Company manages its international business activities through offices located in Europe, South Africa and the USA.

Astron History

Astron was established in New South Wales in September 1959. In February 1995, the Company changed its name from Astron Resources Ltd. to its current name.

In 1988, the Company commenced two zirconium materials projects in China, one in Hainan Island dealing with the processing of ilmenite and Zircon and the other relating to the production of advanced Zirconia powders and advanced Zirconia and Alumina ceramics. In 1991 Astron established Jinzhou Astron Zirconium chemicals Ltd at Jinzhou, Liaoning province, to manufacture Zirconium Oxychloride and zirconium metals. It set up Shenyang Astron Mining Industries Ltd. in 1992 to export zircon sand from Australia into China and to export zirconium chemicals ceramic raw materials overseas. In 1996 Astron established a zircon flour factory at Zibo Shandong and a new zirconium chemical production JVs in 1997 to enhance the production ability of its zirconium oxychloride and chemical zirconia. It set up a zirconium chemical production plant in Bayuchuan in 1999 for the manufacturing of more advanced zirconium chemicals like zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium basic sulphate zirconium acetate, zirconium propionate etc. In 2000 Astron established Astron Advanced Materials Ltd in England to serve its European clients. It also established an optical raw materials factory in Bayuquan. In 2001 further development was carried out to manufacture advanced chemical zirconias.

Astron now owns a global network of agents and technical staff that offer complete technical services and local stocking to its clientele. Astron was the first Company in China that is ISO9002 Quality Assurance Accredited in its area of specialisation.

Astron (ATR) Products and Services

  • Fused zirconia and silica
  • Zirconium chemicals and chemical oxides
  • Specialty zircon products
  • Optical materials and coatings

Astron (ATR) Locations and Subsidiaries

Level 19, 2 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9286 5555
Fax: (02) 9286 5599

Astron Limited (Principal Office)
64-4 Xiaoxi Rd
Shenhe District
Shenyang City
Liaoning China

Astron Subsidiaries

Shenyang Astron Mining Industry Ltd - China
Sovereign Gold NL
Dickson & Johnson Pty Ltd
Astron Advanced Materials Limited - CHIN
Bradford Metal Industries Ltd - British Virgin Islands
Dalian Bradford Ltd - China
Astron Chemical Co Limited - CHIN
Shenyang Astron New Material Co Ltd - China

Other Astron Details

Astron Year Established: 1959
ACN: 000 285 272
D-U-N-S: 751814898
ABN: 97000285272
Previous Company Names: Astron Resources Limited; Astron Pty Ltd

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