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Astron (ATR) is a leading global producer and distributor of advanced zirconium chemicals and materials, operating in China. The Company specialises in zircon products, zirconia and zirconium chemicals, rare earth and other unique chemicals, and coating materials for use in optics and electronics industry. Astron listed on the Australian stock Exchange on 11th of November, 1983. The Company manufactures chemical zirconias and zirconium chemicals which include zirconium oxychloride, zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium acid sulphate and zirconium basic carbonate.

AGM's for Thursday

There are no floats scheduled but there are two upcoming ex-dividend and several Annual General Meetings listed in the stock market events tomorrow, November 17, 2011.


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Astron Dividends

1 September, 2010 - 13:39

Read up on the dividend history for ASTRON LIMITED. Dividends are payments made by a public company to its shareholders. It is a portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. You are eligible to receive ATR dividends if you own the ASTRON LIMITED shares on the ex-dividend date. Investors and traders must purchase the stock before the exdividend date to be entitled to the dividend. The previous owner of the shares will receive the ATR dividend if you buy the stocks on or after the ex dividend date.

Astron (ATR): Winner

Astron (ATR) an Zirconium producer, was the best performer on the Australian sharemarket (winner of the week for week 16 of 2007) closing the week up 28 per cent after purchasing a parcel of land in WA.

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