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The Blaze Group develops software and provides services for entertainment, telecommunications and Internet applications. The company has two wholly owned subsidiaries, PIXe and famous 3D. PIXe is a unique pre-compression filter, which supports the distribution of moving images, especially over low bandwidth environments. famous3D is the leading provider of software for the creation, animation and delivery of facial animation solutions to the broadcast, computer games, and communication markets. The company was first listed on the ASX, as Beam, in 1996. It launched famous3D producer in 2001, and invested in PIXe in 2004. In 2003, Blaze entered into a Licensing Agreement with Japanese group, OKI Electronic Industry (this followed on from a 2002 Product Development Agreement). Blaze's head office is located in Balcatta, Australia.

Blaze International (BLZ) differentiates by being an 'early-mover' in technology. This is demonstrated through its activities, among others, in computer games publishing with Melbourne House, development of Splash! one of the world's first WYSIWYG web page design tools, and development of one of the world's largest computer games community portal. In addition, the company competes with other developers and providers of software services, especially those who produce animation software. Balze's major customers include telecommunication providers domestically, and overseas (including Japan). They also are provide software development for companies such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts for multimedia and computer game titles.

Blaze International Company History

On 15 December 2008 the company issued a further 25,000,000 shares at $0.10 each and 62,500,000 free attaching options exercisable at $0.05 each on or before 31 August 2010 for the final stage of the acquisition of Yeerlirrie Minerals Pty Ltd. This was ratified by the shareholders at the AGM on 27 November 2008.

On 19 December 2008 the company issued 160,000,000 shares at $0.05 each and 64,000,000 free attaching options exercisable at $0.03 each on or before 30 January 2014 for additional working capital for the company. This was ratified by the shareholders at the AGM on 27 November 2008.

The company is both a software company and a mining exploration company:
PIXE is a pre-compression filter that works alongside industry standard CODECS to improve the compression attributes of video transmission, especially targeting low bandwidth mobile and wireless sectors of the market. Kemeleon is a Multimedia Messaging Platform and Service that utilises the original Famous 3d animation engine to produce character based MMS messages. Our initial target markets being Asian Mobile Telephony operators. Both PIXE and Kemeleon have continued to perform below expectations and have struggled to gain industry and commercial acceptance. The Board are of the view that significant resources and funds would be required to further enhance both products and are, therefore, evaluating the future directions of these businesses.

Yeelirrie Uranium Project
Blaze is confident about the potential of their Yeelirrie tenements to host calcrete uranium mineralization. The Blaze Yeelirrie tenements contain extensions and palaeo catchment drainage areas from the world’s largest calcrete hosted uranium deposit (reported 52,000 tonnes of U3O8 at a grade of 1500ppm U3O8), owned by BHP Billiton (“BHPB”). The Blaze tenement covers a net area in excess of 800 square kilometres, with potential to host calcrete uranium mineralisation.

Blaze International (BLZ) Products and Services

  • Develop software and provide services for internet applications (PIXE and KEMELEON)
  • Mining Exploration: Yeelirrie Uranium Project

Blaze International (BLZ) Locations and Subsidiaries

Blaze International Head Office
8 Parliament Place, 1st Floor,
WA 6005

Phone: 08 9481 7833
Fax: 08 9481 7835

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