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Australian Stock Scan

We are currently testing a new feature. Stock scan slideshows - separated by industry type.

Not all companies in the Australian stockmarket are currently represented, however most of the top 300 companies should be in the list somewhere.

Using this Australian Sharemarket Scan you can quickly browse and get an idea of which stocks are trending in the long term. Great for longer term traders and investors looking for a stock which is trending long (or short).

Interesting Thoughts about the Australian Dollar

For you share traders out there giving forex trading a go here's an article that you interest you, talking about today's Australian Dollar Movements:

What's the Meaning of Hawkish?

Latest entry from Trading Critic:

Do You Know How To Use the P/E Ratio

Tell me that you know how to use the P/E ratio properly?

Trading, Religion and Politics - Do They Have Anything in Common?

I've posted a new blog entry at Trading Critic. I look into the commonality between trading, religion and politics. Have a read of the preview:

Shares that are Volatile that Double and Half in the Short Term

If you aren't aware: there are stocks in the sharemarket that are very volatile and have their share prices double of halve in the short term.

There are stocks on the Australian Sharemarket that readily double or halve in value the short term. Better yet, there are traded financial instruments that are linked to the volatility of the larger valued stocks which also are highly volatile. The former are simply vanilla stocks. The latter example relates to derivatives, namely warrants and Exchange Traded Options (ETO's).

Telstra (TLS) T3

The Telstra (TLS) T3 prospectus was released today on the Australian sharemarket. Here comes some related commentary:

Margin Call by E-mail

Ever wondered what a Margin Call notice looks like? With CMC Markets a CFD provider, this is how it works when you go into the red...

The Cost of Holding a Position

When you trade with derivatives, especially utilising Contracts For Difference's (CFD's) your break even price is dynamic.

If you trade with options and similarly with warrants, there is time decay to consider. With CFD's as well as forex contracts, the price of holding a position is much simpler than dealing with delta's that define decay with derivative instruments such as options.

Read the full article: "The Price of Holding a Position"

Lack of Disclosure: Compensation from ASX Listed Company

Interesting news... an Australian court has awarded a shareholder compensation as a result of actions by an ASX listed company...

Imagine getting compensation for the lack of disclosure by a company listed on a public stock exchange. That's what happened on the 6th of September 2006 with Jubilee Mines (JBM), a Western Australia nickel miner.

Read the rest of "Compensation for the Lack of Disclosure"...

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