Brisbane Trading Expo 2013 List of Free and Paid Seminars

List of Free and Paid Seminars


10.30am Investing at different stages of the market cycle Julia Lee
Bell Direct FREE

The share market, like the economy, generally moves in cycles so it’s important to identify the different phases and employ the right strategies at each point. In this free presentation, Julia will run through the different phases of the market, identify which part of the phase we are in and what shares match that strategy.

Join Bell Direct’s head media presenter and SKY News, SKY Business Channel, Bloomberg and ABC radio’s well respected commentator Julia Lee to find out if now is the time to be buying shares and/or what stocks would be best suited to the current environment.

11.30am Lessons from the last bull market Colin Nicholson
Building Wealth Through Shares FREE

Colin did not suffer any significant loss in his capital in the 2007-2009 bear market that is better known as the Global Financial Crisis and has since grown his capital beyond the 2007 peak in the stock market. He will show the signs that he published well in advance that the 2003-2007 bull market was close to its end.

It’s true - every bull market sees some big companies fail completely. But it is possible not to be caught in these stocks that "crash and burn" taking all of our savings with them. Join author and teacher of technical analysis based investing, Colin Nicholson as he shows several examples of how it is possible.

11.30am The 7 things to look for in a stock that will keep you safe Colin Nicholson
Building Wealth Through Shares FREE

Colin has been investing safely in the stock market for 45 years. In that time, he has achieved consistent returns by investing in investment grade stocks and staying away from the stocks that are pure speculations and cause significant losses in the hands of inexperienced investors.

Colin has developed seven key things that he looks for in a stock before buying it, giving a margin of safety and the opportunity to produce significant dividend yield and capital gain. Keys that he’ll share with you.

What not to do with your money… Marcus Padley
Marcus Today FREE

Everybody tells you what you should be doing with your money and investments so don’t miss this typically off the wall and highly compelling presentation as Marcus entertains and educates you with some of the things that you should not be doing.

He will cover a list of money making dead ends that are still widely pursued and accepted by many investors.

Come and find out if you’re wasting your time (and money!), if you are potentially being misled and what you could be doing wrong. Important information for every investor regardless of your experience or wealth, especially if you’re keen to know how to be a smarter and better informed investor.

1.30pm How to create wealth through timing the market Alan Hull
ActVest FREE

Real wealth is created from timing the markets and Alan is going to show you exactly how to do it.

There is a time to buy shares, there’s a time to sell shares, there’s a time to hedge your portfolio and there’s even a time to buy gold bullion. The skill is to know which tactic to apply at what time.

Alan will outline how to effectively implement this strategy in this highly informative and often entertaining free presentation.

Getting your finances in shape for the new financial year Noel Whittaker
News Ltd Commentator FREE

It is just three months to the federal election and Australia is still suffering deficit budgets. To make matters worse, we’ve been plagued by constant changes to superannuation which has created a climate of uncertainty as many of the proposals will be tossed aside if the Coalition gains office in September.

Despite the uncertainty, the fundamentals are unchanged. In this informative free session, best-selling author and commentator Noel Whittaker will explain what you need to do to make sure your finances are in good shape for what is bound to be another exciting, yet challenging year ahead.

A global and economic market outlook Dr Chris Caton
Chief Economist, BT Financial Group FREE

Leading strategic forecaster and chief economist of the BT Financial Group, Dr Chris Caton will give his views of the global economic picture, particularly the United States, Europe and China.

Chris has a rare ability to make economics come alive, and in this accessible and entertaining presentation he will examine the implications for the Australian economy and then look at the implications for interest rates, the exchange rate, the share market, and even property prices.

A not-to-be-missed free session.


Room 1
Trading truths Brent Penfold
IndexTrader $20

So you’d like to become a successful trader working from home, earning a fair income for your fair effort? Is this possible? Yes, it certainly is. However the more important question to ask is whether it is possible for you, and unfortunately the probable answer is no.

In this Workshop professional trader Brent Penfold will tell you how it is. Brent will reveal where the true nuggets of wisdom in successful trading exist. You’ll learn the answers are not contained in any glossy brochure, not in any impressive charting program, nor on any psychologist’s couch. You’ll learn success in trading is not defined by a perfect entry or exit technique or perfect trading strategy … no … the truths are far simpler than that.

This is a must attend Workshop for all - whether you’re new to the markets or experienced, you will gain from knowing exactly how steep the climb is to successful trading. A climb that many may decide is too steep to contemplate, while for those willing to commit, a climb worth enduring to enjoy the rich rewards that come with reaching the summit.

Room 2
How to get more from your self-managed superannuation Stephen Blackhall
Patersons Securities $20

It’s a minefield out there so join Patersons Securities in-house superannuation specialist Stephen Blackhall as he explains the benefits of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF), and how they can deliver superior performance for retirees during this in-depth Workshop.

You’ll discover how taking control of your retirement savings through an SMSF; actively managing your investments; ensuring you pay the least amount of tax through the accumulation phase and the pension phase of superannuation, as well as when your superannuation is passed onto your estate can help you enjoy superior performance and a more secure retirement.

Room 1

Room 1
Stock picking - how to pick stocks that move higher Julia Lee
Bell Direct $20

Have you ever bought a great business and found that the share price doesn't move for years?

Join SKY News, SKY Business Channel, Bloomberg and ABC radio commentator, Bell Direct’s Julia Lee in this 1 hour Workshop as she runs through the key fundamental and technical metrics can help in identifying high performance stocks.

Room 1
Timing the market: Run with the bull and avoid the bear Colin Nicholson
Building Wealth Through Shares $20

From experience gained over 45 years investing in the stock market, Colin has learned how to take full advantage of bull markets while moving out of harms way when bear markets inevitably follow.

He has developed a three-factor analysis method based on the teachings of the great market timers and will demonstrate how anyone can learn to recognise the signs.

In the 1 hour Workshop Colin will also outline his strategies that have led to consistently strong returns and along the way detail the large patterns that explain what has been happening in the stock market after the 2007-2009 bear market plunge. After this session you should never be caught in a bear market again!

Room 1
How to select safe stocks that are most likely to outperform the market Colin Nicholson
Building Wealth Through Shares $20

For most people, selecting stocks seems like a lottery as on all sides, experts give often contradictory advice. Moreover, most inexperienced investors find analysing the accounts of a company to be intimidating, confusing and almost like a mystic art.

Colin Nicholson has been selecting stocks for 45 years and has developed a method that is simple to understand and requires only basic accounting concepts.

He will show you how you can find and assess stocks that provide a margin of safety, while having the potential to outperform the market by providing a growing stream of dividends and growth in capital.

Join Colin in this in-depth 1 hour Workshop where he will explain the key principles of diversification and risk management.

Room 2
What to do with your money for the next 33 years… Marcus Padley
Marcus Today $20

A unique and rare opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with one of Australia’s leading and most sought-after investment experts in Brisbane.

In this candid 1 hour Workshop, Marcus will provide you with an assessment and outline of what you are going to have to do to invest and make money in the current market conditions. Especially now that the “Perfect Wave” in stock market and property price appreciation has been broken.

The next 30 years is going to be a lot different to the past and this session will empower you with realistic expectations, a new mindset and a template for your own investing/trading strategy. Marcus will also discuss the various techniques you will need to survive the highs and lows of “The New” stock and property markets.

An hour with Marcus with the opportunity to fire questions at him, would normally cost hundreds of dollars, but the Trading & Investing Expo have made it possible to for just $20.

Room 1
Trading psychology - mastering yourself first Alan Hull
ActVest $20

The biggest obstacle we all face when trading financial markets is ourselves. We hold on to losing positions when we should sell them and we sell winning positions when we should hold them.

The reason for this is because our basic instincts are designed to protect us from being eaten by saber tooth tigers, not make us successful traders.

So if we want to consistently take profits from the markets then we need to recognise these internal obstacles and learn to overcome them. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do in this brand new 1 hour Workshop with Alan where you’ll discover that mastering the markets means mastering yourself first.

Room 2
Finding money in the market with Fibonacci Jody Ellis
Investor Centre $20

Fibonacci lived in the 13th century but his universal ratios have been found in everything from the design of the pyramids to the patterns of Galaxies. We are even designed with Fibonacci ratios. So it’s no wonder we see Fibonacci in our markets – a uniquely artificial structure that emulates our behaviour.

Jody Elliss, one of Australia’s lead analysts, reveals the secrets of Fibonacci in our current markets during this 1 hour Workshop. He’ll explain how he uses Fibonacci to make money from the market and finish with his forecast for 2013/2014 using Fibonacci techniques. This is a unique opportunity not to be missed!

Room 2
Computerised auto trading systems Jody Ellis
Investor Centre $20

In today’s fast moving world of finance and advancing technologies, computerised trading is no longer limited to high dollar professionals. The move towards shorter time frames is a result of high volatility and uncertain times but it begets higher volatility. Computer trading is in essence – volatility trading. Risk is limited by fast-acting stop losses and rewards are high where a market moves in a sustained direction.

However, computer trading does not conform to the old laws of risk and reward for performance. It requires high frequency, computer algorithms that seek opportunities in the market pace and act on them automatically, on the traders behalf. They work on unusual laws of accuracy versus frequency of trade, where they may make a number of small losing trades and be balanced by a single large winning trade, bending the need for high accuracy in trading.

In this 1 hour Workshop, Jody Elliss - one of Australia’s leading Market Analysts will run through some of the requirements and foundations for computerised trading. He will also supply a number of working computerised systems that can be deployed by the average person with minimal cost. This is a must for anyone who is interested in computerised or high frequency trading and uses technology currently available to Australian Traders to make money on a regular basis in the market.

Free Exhibitor Seminars

Smart investment strategies Jill Rogers
Sharemarket College FREE

The ability to gain superior investment returns is enhanced by identifying the outperforming sectors of the market and allotting funds accordingly.

For long term investors or self-managed super trustees, being able to protect their assets in a falling market is crucial to their achievement of the retirement lifestyle they deserve. Join Jill Rogers as she shows you how you can allot your funds for optimal returns.

Fundamentals to wealth with certainty Jason Benny
JDL Strategies FREE

Society is hypnotised to fail financially. In general people are poorly informed and poorly educated when it comes to financial intelligence. Unfortunately the majority of people are genuinely confused between lifestyle and wealth. People spend what they earn and then some!! We’ve become a society addicted to income and credit.

The fundamentals of wealth creation are simple. Spend less than what you earn. Leverage your time and your money and have a strategy to bring a return.

In this exhibitor seminar, JDL Strategies will demonstrate a simple platform that makes the expertise of accounting, financial planning, strategic finance strategy, property research and acquisition and property management working congruently to achieve the one result: to drive down personal debt, minimise tax and accumulate assets with adequate risk mitigation and maximum capital growth.

How to make money with Australian shares Robert Markham
Vector Vest FREE

Learn the essential components to making money in the stock market the easy way! Robert Markham, Managing Director of Asia Pacific for VectorVest, Inc., will use the VectorVest System to analyse your favourite shares, show you how to buy and when to stop, and reveal a simple method to make your trading decisions faster and easier than ever.

This is always a highly popular session, so mark your Expo diary.

Innovative Income Generator Lynn Summers
Stockcourse FREE

Join Lynn Summers as she explains her new strategy that only takes a minimal amount of time and effort each month and has already seen students achieving returns of 20% - 50% from their investment.

Share strategies for explosive profits Russell Markham
Vector Vest FREE

Discover the top-performing share strategies for the Australian Market! Join VectorVest Inc.’s Russell Markham as he explains these powerful VectorVest scans and demonstrates how to use them to capture explosive profits for your portfolio.

Again, this exhibitor seminar by the VectorVest team is always a highly popular so mark your Expo diary.

Innovative Income Generator Lynn Summers
Stockcourse FREE

Join Lynn Summers as she explains her new strategy that only takes a minimal amount of time and effort each month and has already seen students achieving returns of 20% - 50% from their investment.

Automated systems trading with AxiTrader Quinn Perrott
AxiTrader FREE

In this highly informative seminar, Quinn Perrott will reveal how the AxiTrader platform provides you with access to the tools that until recently have only been available to investment banks and hedge funds – Automated Systems Trading.

With Automated Systems Trading a computer program is ‘taught’ to look for certain opportunities in the market and then instantly trades those opportunities. The AxiTrader platform empowers your computer to trade and make money while you sleep. Investment banks spend millions designing and running these systems but with the AxiTrader MetaTrader platform it won’t cost you a cent!

So don’t miss this seminar where you will discover:
- What investment banks have been doing for years – and now you can;
- How to eliminate the two biggest pitfalls of traders – greed and fear;

Add 20 to 50% per annum to your investment portfolio Jody Ellis
Investor Centre FREE

Stocks spend the majority of the year in a passive mode with short spurts of uptrend. In the mean time they stand exposed to an unstable market in uncertain times. CFD’s offer an excellent point of insurance where losses tend towards 0 and significant profits can be made on stocks throughout the year.

In this Exhibitor Seminar, using simple to follow profiling techniques, Jody Elliss, one of Australia’s leading analysts and traders will show how to defend your portfolio against uncertain times and add significantly to your worth and income for the year – a critical aim for anyone who holds stocks in the market.

Make 60% in 3 trades with Index Futures Jody Ellis
Investor Centre FREE

The Top 200 Index (XJO) is tradable using Index futures and Index CFD’s and it’s one of the most consistent financial instruments in the market. It has a set of rules and constrained behaviour that make it easier to trade on both a short and long term basis.

Jody Elliss, one of Australia’s leading analysts, will explain “Behavioural Mechanics” that shape the outcomes of the top 200 Index. Some of these behaviours can be predicted weeks or even months in advance. Jody will include three (3) trades that have a better than 90% consistency for the last 30 years.

If you are interested in day trading – or even repetitive market patterns, this exhibitor Seminar is not to be missed.

A new way to invest in property – development profits through crowd-funding Marc & Anthony
SMSF Property FREE

Since the borrowing rules for self-managed super funds (SMSF) changed in 2007, an increasing number of funds have started to purchase direct property. However there is a new way to consider property investment, as a manufacturing model; one of our investors recently termed this an “active passive” investment.

We will explore the property investment options for SMSF, and discuss why the legacy model of investing is broken.

Marc and Anthony will also explain why there is so much profit in property development since the GFC, why having no debt in a property development substantially reduces the risk and how the internet is making it easier for investors to make profits previously only available to developers.

Learn the techniques used by professional traders and redefine your financial future Todd Leigh & Jeff Arcos

Join forex professional Todd Leigh as he gives a detailed demonstration of Magic Stick, the original ‘Visual Order Placement Tool’ for MetaTrader 4. Magic Stick lets you enter and exit trades by way of strategically placed trend lines. The trend line orders are dynamic, responding to market price fluctuations in real time! A must see for investors who are serious about their trading as this presentation will change the way you trade.

Then Jeff Arcos, ‘The Trade Whisperer’ provides insight into his semi-automated trend following trading system. Jeff’s system is designed specifically to combat the frustration of trading psychology errors, poor stop loss and take profit order placement, and a general lack of consistency in forex trading. Not only is the system methodical and easy to follow, it requires only 60 minutes of analysis each day and is applicable to Equities and Futures trading as well as Foreign Exchange.

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