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ConnectEast Group (CEU) was the winning tenderer of EastLink project, which is the biggest road project in Australia, with maximum duration of the contract up to 39 years. EastLink consisted of around 45 kilometers of tolled and untolled freeway-standard road joining the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne's east to the Frankston Freeway in the south. The completion of the design and construction of the EastLink Project was carried out in fiscal 2008. ConnectEast listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 23rd November, 2004, raising around A$1.1billion through initial public offering (IPO) from more than 14,000 investors.

The Company has assembled a well-balanced board and executive management team with wide experience in road engineering, tollway operation and the provision of key infrastructure projects. The Company aims to run a world-leading tollway, with a focus on affordability, urban design, environmental impact and customer service. The Company’s investor profile has progressively increased and to date the company has more than 30,000 investors, with majority of them living in Victoria, comprising many who live in the suburbs along the EastLink route.

ConnectEast Group History

In 2004, ConnectEast Group obtained the tender for the Mitcham-Frankston project. The project included the finance, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a 39km motorway linking the Eastern Freeway in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to the Frankston Freeway in the south-east of Melbourne.

ConnectEast Group (CEU) Products and Services

  • Operator of EastLink, road project

ConnectEast Group (CEU) Locations and Subsidiaries

ConnectEast Group Head Office
EastLink Operations Centre
2 Hillcrest Avenue, Ringwood
VIC, Australia, 3134
Phone: (03) 9955 1700
Fax: (03) 9955 1701

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