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Corporate Express Australia (CXP) is a company engaged in the distribution and sale of business essentials such as computer and office products to its customers across Australia and New Zealand. CXP was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 11th of January 1995. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $1 billion out of its issued capital of $63 million. Its headquarters is located in Rosebery, Australia and to date; around 2000 people are employed in the company.

Best Performing Shares for week 12 of 2008

Corporate Express (CXP) was the overall best performing shares taking in a 15.2 percent increase. Among the best performing companies for the past week (week 12 of 2008) on the Australian sharemarket were a mixture of financial service, business services and property investment: St George (SGB), AMP (AMP), QBE Insurance (QBE), Corporate Express (CXP), Abacus Properties (ABP). All the above best performing stocks for week12 managed more than 10 percent. Four of six best performing stock being financial institutions were the highlight of the trading week.

Corporate Express Australia (CXP) Stock Recommendation

ABN Amro have downgraded their recommendation for the Corporate Express Australia (CXP) stock to Sell from Hold with the share price target falling to $4.55 from $5.80 and a valuation of $5.05. The company's profit was disappointing with the broker attributing it to lower IT hardware sales and increased costs. The broker has cut its EPS estimates in 2006 by 6% to 36.6c, in 2007 by 10% to 38c and in 2008 by 12% to 39.4c.

Broker Recommendations Rundown

If you wish to use these broker recommendations for trading shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, it is highly recommended that you back up your analysis using fundamental or technical analysis or a combination of both before investing in any company.

UBS has a Neutral 2 recommendation for National Australia Bank (NAB) with a target of $35 per share.

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