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DataDot Technology (DDT) develops asset-based identification technologies. DDT has developed a microdot application, which allows various types of assets, mainly motor vehicles, motorbikes and boats, to be uniquely marked and identified. The technology is gaining acceptance in a growing number of countries and customers are increasing, particularly in the vehicle industry. DDT has developed a new generation identifier with the CSIRO, called DataTraceDNA, which is well suited to a range of bulk materials. DDT was listed on the ASX on 12 January 2005. Its head office is situated in Frenchs Forest, New South Wales.

The Company also manages the business activities of DataTrace DNA Pty Ltd, a joint venture company owned equally by DataDot Technology Limited and CSIRO that is licensed to commercially exploit DataTrace DNA, a product whose property rights are owned by the CSIRO. On March 11, 2009, the Company sold its 42.5% interest in DataDot Technology South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (DDSA).

DDT has invented, patented and commercialised an asset identification technology that provides greater asset security, proves authenticity of product, assists in proving ownership and acts as a deterrent to thieves. The product is unique in the way it applies a pervasive, invisible coating of unique identifiers that cannot be easily removed or altered.

This technology has gained acceptance around the world and is sold in Australia, UK/Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and Thailand. Customers include a number of vehicle suppliers in various regions, including Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Porsche and VW. Competitors would be minimal due to this product being patented.

DataDot Technology (DDT) Products and Services

  • Asset-based identification technologies

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DataDot Technology Head Office
Unit 9, 19 Rodborough Road,
Phone: (02) 89774900
Fax: (02) 9975 4700

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