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Ecsi (ECS) is currently implementing the rollout of an enhanced security monitoring system and access control system as part of the National Alarm Reponse System (NAR system) presently being established in China. The NAR system and the live video and audio enhancements to be provided by ECSI through its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary EC21, will link institutions such as banks, military and airports. The Company listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) 1 January, 1974.

Operations are carried out in China through its subsidiary EC21. Effectively this should reduce costs since labour would be cheaper comparatively in China as compared to Australia. ECS would have no major customers or competitors yet as production stage has not been reached. The Company is still in trial for its NAR system.

Ecsi (ECS) Products and Services

  • Enhanced security monitoring system

Ecsi (ECS) Locations and Subsidiaries

Ecsi Head Office
Level 2, 145 Flinders Street,
Phone: (03) 9018 2222
Fax: (03) 9018 2201

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