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Fairfax Media Limited (FXJ) was formerly called the John Fairfax Holdings Ltd is the largest and leading newspaper publishing group in Australia that engages in the information, entertainment and news publishing as well as advertising sales in magasine, newspaper and electronic formats. The publishing operation of Fairfax Media Limited is done mainly in Australia and New Zealand although it also has commerce and business related publications in UK and in Asia. Its mastheads in Australia include The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Business Review Weekly, The Sun Herald and The Australian Financial Review while its mastheads in New Zealand include The Press, The Dominion Post, TV Guide. The Sunday Star-Times and The Cuisine. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia. FXJ was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 8th of May 1992. The company’s annual revenue reaches a total of $2 billion out of its issued capital of $628 million. To date, around 7,200 employees are employed in the company. Fairfax Media Limited has two online business segments: Australia’s Fairfax Digital and New Zealand’s Trade Me.

Australia’s Fairfax Digital is in charge of offering website services in the field of lifestyle, sports, trading, career and other subjects. Fairfax Digital also offers online services that include website advertising used by the Top 100 companies in Australia as well as the many growing businesses in the country.

New Zealand’s Trade Me offers the same type of service as the Fairfax Digital however; the services Trade Me In offers are focused in the New Zealand Market. Trade Me has more than 1.3 million members and presently, more than 65% of the web traffic in New Zealand belongs to Trade Me.

The major competitors of Fairfax Media Limited include Tribute Company Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, APN News & Media West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited and the Media News Group, Inc.

Fairfax Media Limited Company History

In 1831, Fairfax Media was found together with the publication of The Sydney Morning Herald. In 1951, the publication was commenced by the Australian Financial Review. Age in Melbourne was acquired by the Fairfax in 1983 and this led them to enter into receivership near the late 1980s as well as in 1992 as it emerged into its present structure. Brierley Investments agreed to sell back the company's capital at the price of 3.10 Australian dollars per share in 1998 as it bought 10% of the company’s capital.

An inaugural medium term note was issued by the company which was launched in 1999 having a three-year fixed transaction with a 125 million Australian dollars. Mycareer.comau, a "supersite" was made in 1999 by the company and made new job opportunities containing 15,000 job offers available globally. Besides that, they provide articles and tools to assist managing one's own career.

Having a commitment to produce funds for over three years in excess of 100 million Australian dollars, the company was said to be separated on its interactive businesses in one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, the F2. In 2003, with Fairfax acquiring Independent Newspaper, the company was renamed Fairfax New Zealand. Unfortunately in 2004, one of the company's printing operations was closed.

Fairfax Media (FXJ) Products and Services

  • Local, regional and national newspapers
  • Weekly and monthly magazines
  • Internet portals and Websites

Fairfax Media Limited Competitors

  • APN News & Media
  • MediaNews Group, Inc.
  • Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd
  • Tribune Company
  • West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited

Fairfax Media (FXJ) Locations and Subsidiaries

Fairfax Media Limited Headquarters
Level 19 Darling Park
201 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9282 2833
Fax: (02) 9282 3065

John Fairfax Holdings Limited
250 Spencer St
Melbourne 3000
Ph: (03) 9249 9999 Fax: (03) 9249 9910

John Fairfax Holdings Limited
Level 1 Mobile Net House
167 Eagle St
Brisbane 4000
Ph: (07) 3308 1100 Fax: (07) 3308 1129

John Fairfax Holdings Limited
124 Franklin St
Adelaide 5000
Ph: (08) 8212 1212 Fax: (08) 8212 1210

John Fairfax Holdings Limited
14 Kings Park
Rd West Perth 6005
Ph: (08) 9481 3171 Fax: (08) 9481 5197

Fairfax Media Limited Subsidiaries

Fairfax Digital Limited
Fairfax Regional Printers Pty Ltd
Illawarra Newspapers Holdings Pty Ltd - t/a Illawarra Mercury
Fairfax Corporation Pty Ltd
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd
Fairfax Community Newspapers Pty Ltd - t/a Liverpool City Champion
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd - t/a Sydney Morning Herald

Other Fairfax Media Limited Details

Fairfax Media Limited Year Established: 1991
ACN: 008 663 161
D-U-N-S: 751299900
ABN: 15008663161
Previous Company Names: Tourang Limited; John Fairfax Holdings Limited

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