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Foster’s Group Limited (FGL) is a global drinks company that focuses on the ownership, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages international portfolio. Its major operation is engaged in the production as well as the marketing of different alcoholic beverages in over 155 countries. FGL was listed on the Australian Stocks Exchange on the 4th of February 1982. Its annual revenue reaches $4 billion out of its issued capital of $2 billion. Its headquarters is located in Southbank, Australia and to date; around 11,000 people are employed in the company. Foster’s Group Limited divided its business segments in three geographical regions; Australia, Asia and the Pacific, The Middle East and Africa and The Americas and Europe.

In the Australia and the Pacific region, FGL maintains major brands of beer and wine in its portfolio. The major Australian beer brands include Foster’s Lager, Victoria Bitter and Crown Lage while its wine brands include Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Yelloglen, Lindemans and Rosemount. Currently, this region has more than 38,000 customers that include wholesalers and restaurants, bottle shops and hotels importers.

In the Middle East and Africa region, Foster’s Group Limited owns the Foster’s Brand and distributes it through licensing and partnership agreements in the said region while its rights are still being sold in Europe because of the strong wine portfolio the company has both in UK and Europe.

In the Americas and Europe region, Foster’s Group Limited is in charge of the production and marketing of wine brands that include Lindemans, Beringer, Rosemount Estate, Wolf Blass and Penfolds. Also, the Americas is the largest market for the Foster’s Lager licensed and distributed through and agreement made in Canada. FGL also maintains Californian wine portfolio that includes Chateau Souverain, Chateau St. Jean, Greg Norman Estates, Etude Wines, Meridian Vineyards and the Stags' Leap Winery.

Foster’s Group Limited Company History

The Foster's Lager was established by Jacob Beringer in 1876. In 1888, Mildara Winery was established. Carlton and United Breweries also known as CUB was formed by the merging of Carlton Brewery, Foster Brewing Company and other four companies. In 1913, they became a public business company which started by acquiring hotels and breweries such as Cairn Brewery, Northern Australian Breweries, Fitzgerald Brewery, Brewering and Malting business company and Hodges Brewery back in the 1920s.

In 1983, CUB was purchased by the Elders IXL and began acquiring companies overseas. They acquired and purchased numbers of breweries such as Courage Brewing Group in England in 1983 and the Carling O'Keefe in Canada in 1987. The CUB’s name was then retained through the changing of the Elders IXL to Foster's Brewing Group Limited.

Foster's started their expansion project in 1993 and built a branch of its owned brewery in Shanghai, China and the Cascade in Tasmania. A year later, they made an expansion to the Matilda Bay Brewing Company located in Australia.

A premium wine producer, the T'Gallant company was acquired by the company back in 2003. They specialise in supplying Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. After that year, they began to form a new business with a Non-Alcohol Brand named Carlton. The main purpose for this project is to supply non-alcoholic juices and flavoured mineral waters.

Foster's Group (FGL) Products and Services

  • Beer
  • Non-Alcohol
  • Cider
  • Wine
  • Spirits

Brands owned by the Fosters Group include: Angostura Lemon, Battery, Benjamin, Beringer, Bohemian Highway, Bounty Liqueur, Bounty Rum, Carlton Cold, Cascade Premium, Chateau St. Jean, Chateau Souverain, Coldstream Hills, Crown Lager, Czarina Vodka, Deluxe Whisky, Director’s Special, Etude Wines, Fiji Bitter, Foster’s Lager, Gabbiano, Greg Norman Estates, Jamiesons Run, Lime & Bitters, LINDEMANS, Mercury, Meridian, Old Oak Brandy, Oragina, Penfolds, Ratu’s Rum, Redback Original, Regal Gin, Regal Whisky, Rosemount, Rouge Homme, Strongbow, The Rothbury Estate, Wolf Blass, Victoria Bitter, Vimto, Yellowglen and Youki.

Foster’s Group Limited Competitors

Foster's (FGL) competitors in the beverage and brewing industry include:

  • Adnams
  • Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
  • Heineken N.V.
  • Inbev
  • Lion Nathan
  • Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • Robert Mondavi Corporation
  • San Miguel Corporation
  • Scottish & Newcastle
  • Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.
  • The Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries, PLC

Foster's Group (FGL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Foster’s Group Limited Headquarters
Level 5 77 Southbank Bvd
Southbank VIC 3006
Phone: (03) 9633 2000
Fax: (03) 9633 2002

Foster’s Group Limited Subsidiaries

Melbourne Brewery Company Pty Ltd
Carlton Brewery Hotels (N.R.) Pty Ltd
Dismin Investments Pty Ltd
Derel ESC Limited
EFG Holdings NZ Limited
Paterson Simons & Co (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad
Werribee Properties (RWDS) Pty Ltd
Brewman Group Limited
ESG (Enterprises) BV
Carter & Associates (2000) Limited
Silvester Brothers Pty Ltd
Island Cooler Pty Ltd
Gapern Enterprises Pty Ltd
Pica Finance Holdings Limited
EFG Investments Limited
The Castlemaine Brewery Company Melbourne Pty Ltd
FBG Treasury (Aust) Limited
Carlton Brewery Hotels Pty Ltd
Matua Finance Limited
Brewing Investments Limited
Krondorf Wines Pty Ltd
Victoria Brewery Pty Ltd
Dennys Strachan Mercantile Limited
Brewman JSTB Limited
Melbourne Brewery Company Pty Ltd
EFG Properties Inc
Robertson Well Unit Trust
Brewtech Pty Ltd
Pitt Son & Badgery Limited
EFG Holdings (USA) Inc
Carlton Brewery Hotels (NR) Pty Ltd
Australian Mercantile Land & Finance Company Limited
Elstone Developments Pty Ltd
Silvester Brothers (AMHUK) Limited
Bilyara Vineyards Pty Ltd
EFG Securities Limited
Brewing Holdings Limited
Pekrove Pty Ltd
Vintners Imports Pty Ltd
Babble Pty Ltd
FBG Treasury (UK) Plc
Bright Star Investments Limited
Carlton & United Breweries (UK) Limited
Paracor Finance Inc
Olaroll Pty Ltd
FBG Financial Services Limited
Westwools Energy Pty Ltd
Rumar International Limited
Ashwick (Vic) No 27 Pty Ltd
FBG Treasury (U.S.A.) Inc
Australian Mercantile, London Limited
H Jones & Co Pty Ltd
Windemere Securities Limited
The Rothbury Estate Pty Ltd
Moorabbin Junction Pty Ltd
Whitecross Investments Limited
EFG Leasing Limited
Ashwick (Vic) No 121 Pty Ltd
FBG Treasury (NZ) Limited
Carlton & United Breweries (NZ) Pty Ltd
Queensland Brewery Pty Ltd
Camberwell Hotels Pty Ltd
Robertsons Well Pty Ltd
TPP Corp Inc
Brewman Eastern Limited
The Redback Brewery Trust
LBC Ontario Inc
ALH Group Pty Ltd
Brewman SW Limited
Robertsons Well Joint Venture
Finnews Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Vic) No 75 Pty Ltd
Kings Festival Corporation, Incorporated
FBG Brewery Holdings UK Limited
Galemaze Pty Ltd
Dorsey Center Inc
Navistar Group Limited
Ashwick (Vic) No 15 Pty Ltd
FBG Finance Limited
MBL Packaging Pty Ltd
Herlstone Vineyards Pty Ltd
Carlton & United Breweries (New Zealand) Limited
Vintage Cellars Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 1 Pty Ltd
Ghalias (BBA) Limited
18th Street Corp
Sylfield Hotels Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 74 Pty Ltd
Oakley Park Pty Ltd
St Maximilian Wein-Export Gesellschaft MBH Vienna
Lensworth Wallarah Peninsula Pty Ltd
EFG Treasury Pty Ltd
Filehaze Pty Ltd
The Redback Brewery (Property) Trust
Sarl Grand Cru Expertise La Bourse du Vin
Oakland Glen Pty Ltd
McLaren Vale Bottling Company Pty Ltd
Cardmember Wines Limited
Sarl Les Crus Prevendus
Norwood Beach Pty ltd
Tibsco Pensions Limited
Cellarmaster Wines Limited
Austotel (Victoria Holdings) Pty Ltd
Lensworth Bells Creek Pty Ltd
Classic Packaging Pty Ltd
FBG International Limited
FBG India Holdings Limited
World Wine Gallery GmbH
Archana Pty Ltd
Data Co-ordination Centre Inc. - The Wine Exchange
Hotel (FP) Pty Ltd
Anglemaster Limited
Bourse du Vin Limited
Bourse du Vin International B.V.
Nexday Europe B.V.
Ashwick (Qld) No. 15 Pty Ltd
Voskane Pty Ltd
Ashwick (NT) No. 7 Pty Ltd
151435 Canada Ltd
Amwex Inc
Telemasters Limited
H. Maximilian Pallhuber GmbH & Co. KG
Cellarmaster Wines Europe B.V.
Ashwick (Qld) No. 167 Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 9 Pty Ltd
The Continental Wines & Spirits Company (N.Z.) Limited
Winemaker's Choice Limited
Cardmember Wines Pty Ltd
Pica Group Limited
Ashwick (Qld) No. 73 Pty Ltd
Lensworth Caloundra Downs Pty Ltd
Melbotel Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 17 Pty Ltd
Maglieri Wines Pty Ltd
Australian Wine Club Pty Ltd
Rothbury Wines Pty Ltd
Cellarmaster Nominees Pty Ltd
Stamford Hotel Pty Ltd
Lensworth Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd
Lensworth Beachmere Pty Ltd
Carlton Brewery Hotels (Victoria) Pty Ltd
Manassas Apartments Inc - USA
Nova Glen Pty Ltd
Wine Exchange Limited
Fosters's Tien Giang Limited
Mildara Holdings Pty Ltd
Accenta Paul GmbH Beratung Werbung Und Direckvertrieb
Beitz Pty Ltd
Continental Spirits Company Pty Ltd
Pica Nominees Pty Ltd
Amberton Wines Pty Ltd
Ordimar Pty Ltd
Cellarmaster Wines Holdings (U.K.) Limited
Craigburn Property Pty Ltd
Imagemasters Pty Ltd
Vicotel Pty Ltd
Volz Pty Ltd
FBG Treasury (Europe) B.V.
Somar Pty Ltd
Lensworth North Lakes Marketing Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 95 Pty Ltd
Wine Marketing Pty Ltd
Wolf Blass Wines Pty Ltd
Traclon (No 2) Pty Ltd
Glenmore Park Sales Pty Ltd
FBG Canada Limited
Ashwick (Qld) No. 35 Pty Ltd
Grand Cru Expertise 'de Belgische Wijnbeurs' N.V.
Lensworth Caboolture Waters Pty Ltd
Sharton Lodge Pty Ltd
Grand Cru Expertise 'de Nederlandse Wijnbeurs' B.V.
Tibsco Limited
Lensworth Glenmore Park Limited
Seeton Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 16 Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 127 Pty Ltd
Lensworth Group Limited
A.C.N. 004 526 523 Pty Ltd
Rothbury Vineyards Pty Ltd
Primedan Pty Ltd
Foster's Brewing Group (Usa) Limited
Silvester Brothers (AMH) Pty Ltd
EFG Australia Limited
Foster's Danang Limited
Lensworth Cremorne Pty Ltd
Mega Properties No. 2 Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 12 Pty Ltd
Craigburn Land Co. Pty Ltd
CSB Pty Ltd
Cellarmaster Wines Germany GmbH
Liana Cottage Pty Ltd
Saviral Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Qld) No. 96 Pty Ltd
Foster's Vietnam Limited
AML&F Holdings Limited
Ashwick (Qld) No. 18 Pty Ltd
Kranston Pty Ltd
Mildara Blass (Europe) Limited
Lensworth North Lakes Pty Ltd
The Australian Pubco (NSW) Pty Ltd
VICD-Produtos Em Cortica LDA
Nt Brewery Pty Ltd
Foster's Wine Estates Limited
Carlton & United Breweries (N S W) Pty Ltd - t/a Fosters
Queensland Breweries Pty Ltd
Foster's Australia Limited - t/a Foster's Australia
Carlton & United Breweries (Qld) Limited
The Ballarat Brewing Co Ltd
Southcorp Limited
Foster's Group Cambodia Holdings Pty Ltd
EFG Treasury Pty Ltd
Kawana Island Pty Ltd
Monterey Victoria Pty Ltd
Island Cooler Pty Ltd
Carlton And United Breweries (Queensland) Limited
Demener Pty Ltd
Kawana Real Estate Pty Ltd
Wood Hall (Aust) Pty Ltd
Lensworth Buddina Pty Ltd
Ferntree Gully Motels Pty Ltd
The Foster Brewing Company Pty Ltd
FBG Holdings (UK) Limited
Gold Coast Brewery Pty Ltd
Pica Real Estate Limited
Rimpacific Shipping (UK) Ltd
Amayana Pty Ltd
ESG (Enterprises) NV
The Shamrock Brewing Company Pty Ltd
New Crest Investments Pty Ltd
Dreamgame Limited - UK
LIC Industry Center Inc
Bevcorp Pty Ltd

Other Foster’s Group Limited Details

Foster’s Group Limited Year Established: 1962
ACN: 007 620 886
D-U-N-S: 753985621
ABN: 49007620886
Previous Company Names:Foster's Brewing Group Limited; Elders IXL Limited

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