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Futuris Corporation (FCL) is engaged in providing the Australian rural community with farm services such as rural finance, designing and manufacturing of steering and air conditioning systems as well as related parts to be used in the automotive industry. FCL was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 7th of December 1993. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $3 million out of its issued capital of $454 million. Its headquarters is located in Adelaide, Australia and to date; around 6600 people are employed in the company. Futuris Corporation operates mainly in four business segments: forestry, rural and agriculture services, property and investment and automotive components.

The forestry business segment of Futuris Corporation is engaged in the processing operations and integrated hardwood timber. This segment manages more or less 150,000 hectares of plantations in Western Australia. The rural agricultural services segment of FCL is in charged of providing variety of products and services mainly for the agricultural sector. Included in the activities of this segment are farm inputs supply, beef production, and farm output marketing and sale. It supplies wool, meat and livestock and merchandises such as fertilizer, cropping inputs, general farm needs and animal health products.

The property segment of Futuris Corporation is in charged in selling and developing land and commercial developments. This segment also holds equity interest in listed property trust. The automotive components segment is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of automotive components such as seat tracks, seats, hoses, window regulators, pedal boxes, pipes and fittings, door trims, steering columns, carpets, headliners, condenser assemblies, compressors, cooling fans, evaporators, special tube fittings, hose fittings, heater cores, alloy lines, hose accessories, heater taps and refrigerant hose assemblies.

Futuris Corporation Company History

Futuris was founded in 1981. Its initial public offering (IPO) was presented in the same year. Flaw detection service was soon formed and Futuris Industrial Products was founded in 1987.

Air International Group was taken by Futuris in 1990. The company had a share placement strategy and was able to acquire $4.6 million in the following year. Building Product division was founded by Futuris and then attained Prestige Brick and Bristale in 1992.

Its industrial products business was traded by the company in 1995 and was established through Air International agreement in China. In 1996, a shared agreement was also accomplished and controlling capital in Elders was gained. After a year, Elders Company was taken by the group.

Futuris and Bendigo Bank established Elders Rural Services (ERSL) in 1998 following the attainment of Primac Holdings in the latter part of 1998. Elders Company which was acquired in 1997 took Victorian Cooperative in 1999.

Bremer Woll Kammerei, German wool handler and Innerhadden Limited were gained in 2000. ERSL was given banking permit and its name was altered to Elders Rural Bank. Australian Agricultural Company was enlisted on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2001. 50% interest in Integrated Tree Cropping (ITC) was taken by Futuris in the latter part of 2001. 22%interest of Amcom Limited was gained in 2004. 33% interest of Hifert was taken by Elders. 65% profit in Air International which is a global thermal operation was traded to J P Morgan Prtners in 2005. ITC took 19.9% profit of Forest Enterprises Australia. Elders also gained BWK AG and Australian Wool Handler’s 50% stake in the same year.

Amcom which is one of the company’s businesses took iiNet's % shareholding in 2006. Australian Fine China was traded but retained 48% profit. Its property developments operation was disposed in May 2007.

Futuris Corporation (FCL) Products and Services

The Futuris Corporation provides services to the Australian rural sector.

  • Futuris Corporation (FCL) Forestry:
    • Hardwood timber plantation
  • Futuris Corporation Rural and Agriculture Services:
    • Beef production
    • Grain
    • Meat and livestock
    • Real estate services
    • Rural financial
    • Sale and marketing of farm outputs
    • Supply of farm inputs
    • Wool
  • Futuris Automotive Components:
    • Alloy lines
    • Carpets
    • Compressors
    • Condenser assemblies
    • Door trims
    • Evaporators
    • Hoses and accessories
    • Headliners
    • Cooling fans
    • Hose fittings
    • Special tube fittings
    • Heater cores and taps
    • Pedal boxes
    • Pipes and fittings
    • Steering columns
    • Seats
    • Seat tracks
    • Window regulators
    • Refrigerant hose assemblies
  • Futuris Corporation General Services
    • Agricultural services
    • Investment management services
    • Property manangement
    • Timber processing
  • Futuris Corporation (FCL) Property Services:
    • Development of residential and commercial property
    • Development of retirement villages

Futuris Corporation Competitors

  • Centro Properties Group
  • Deutsche Diversified Trust
  • Lend Lease Corporation Limited

Futuris Corporation (FCL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Futuris Corporation Head Office
Level 9, 121 King William St
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8425 4999
Fax: (08) 8410 1597

Futuris Corporation Limited (Air International)
80 Turner St
Port Melbourne 3207
Ph: (03) 9644 4222 Fax: (03) 9645 3292

Futuris Corporation Limited (Elders Australia Ltd)
27 Currie St
Adelaide 5000
Ph: (08) 8425 4000 Fax: (08) 8231 1910

Futuris Corporation Limited
Caversham Property
66 Kings Park Rd
West Perth 6005
Ph: (08) 9486 0850 Fax: (08) 9324 1294

Futuris Corporation Limited (Australian Fine China)
576 Hay St
Subiaco 6008
Ph: (08) 9381 4511 Fax: (08) 9388 1488

Futuris Corporation Subsidiaries

Elders Limited
Primac Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Ultrasound Australia Pty Ltd
Hatmore Pty Ltd
VP Travel Pty Ltd
Victorian Producers' Co-operative Company Pty Ltd
Elders Australia Limited
Charlton Feedlot Pty Ltd
Australian Rural Finance Pty Ltd
VP Services Pty Ltd
Abbino Pty Ltd
Colotti Pty Ltd
Sycamore Enterprises Pty Ltd
Elders Real Estate Franchise (Vic) Pty Ltd
Elders Hycube Pty Ltd
E & R Steeden Pty Ltd
Futuris Tamper Joint Venture Unit Trust
Vockbay Pty Ltd
Futuris Rural Pty Ltd
Aldetec Unit Trust
Manet Holdings Pty Ltd
Aust Fine China Pty Ltd - t/a Australian Fine China
Futuris Administration Pty Ltd
Redray Enterprises Pty Ltd
Prestige Property Holdings Pty Ltd
Acehill Investments Pty Ltd
Futuris Agencies Pty Ltd
Parkhurst (NT) Pty Ltd
Caversham Landscape D & C Pty Ltd
Elders Risk Management Pty Ltd
Pacrim Meat & Livestock Trading Pty Ltd
Air International (Ventures) No 3 Pty Ltd
Elders Limited
Elders Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd
New Ashwick Pty Ltd
Mylang Pty Ltd
FGSF Pty Ltd
Air International (China) Pty Ltd
Air International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Banks Marsden Pty Ltd
Pernatty Pty Ltd
Air International (India) Pty Ltd
Elders Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Milltoc Pty Ltd
Brimhall Pty Ltd
Hollymont Ltd
Steeden Holdings Pty Ltd
Caversham Property Developments Pty Ltd
J A Gilmour & Sons (NSW) Pty Ltd
Elders Insurance Ltd
Futuris Ventures Pty Ltd
Farmers Investment Trust
Domeni Pty Ltd
Air International (UK) Holdings Ltd
EREF Pty Ltd
Sydney Woolbrokers Limited
Southern Wool Services (Goulburn) Pty Ltd
Primac Holdings Limited
Elders Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd
Elders Burnett Moore W.A. Pty Ltd
Primac Exports Pty Ltd
Air International Coachair Pty Ltd
Kentlake Holdings Pty Ltd
ITC Limited - t/a ITC; Neville Smith Timber; NSTI
Albany Woolstores Pty Ltd
Elders Real Estate (Qld) Pty Ltd
Wooltech Marketing Pty Ltd
Elders-GM Properties (SA) Pty Ltd
Dawley Pty Ltd
Ashwick (Vic) No 102 Pty Ltd
Elders-GM Properties (Vic) Pty Ltd
Elders International Australia Limited
Wool Exchange (WA) Pty Ltd
Ultrasound Technical Services Pty Ltd
Yenley Pty Ltd
Agribusiness Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Elders Real Estate (NSW) Pty Ltd
George Moss (Qld) Pty Ltd
Leisure Industries International Limited
Keratin Holdings Pty Ltd
North Australian Cattle Company Pty Ltd
Ultrasound International Pty Ltd
Elders Real Estate (WA) Pty Ltd
Caversham Investments Pty Ltd
George Moss Limited
Elders Rural Bank Ltd
Aldetec Pty Ltd

Other Futuris Corporation Details

Futuris Corporation Year Established: 1955
ACN: 004 336 636
D-U-N-S: 757777412
ABN: 34004336636

Futuris Corporation (FCL) Share Price

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