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Green Invest (GNV) is an Australia-based company. The Company operates in three segments: Financial Services (NGES), which includes energy, green energy and carbon off-set certificate trading; Technical Services (Green Plumbers), which is engaged in the project management of environmentally friendly initiatives for government, non-government organisations and commercial enterprises, and Integration Services (Sustainable Footprint), which includes environmental auditing and carbon off-set measurement. As of June 30, 2009, its subsidiaries included Next Generation Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, Green Plumbers Global Corporation Ltd and Sustainable Footprint Pty Ltd. On July 1, 2008, the Company acquired Sustainable Footprint Pty Ltd.

The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (Stern Review) reported in 2006 that human-induced climate change is a serious global threat demanding an urgent global response. Scientists globally have echoed these sentiments. The Stern Review stated that hundreds of millions of people will be adversely affected.

Sustainable development could well represent one of the biggest evolutions of the business environment since the IT boom. Empires will crumble and new fortunes will be made based on the speed and effectiveness of integrating the principles of sustainability into an organisation and the community.

While there are immense challenges with the demise of old ways of doing things and incredible opportunities are opening up for those companies with the foresight to adapt. Business can be a vehicle for change and the principles of sustainability are forging new pathways to help overcome the challenges faced with climate change and excessive natural resource consumption.

It requires a passionate and articulate vision for the future, pursued with ingenuity and creativity to develop new business models, better designs and new ways of thinking about markets, products and services. Sustainability is rapidly evolving. It is a means to save money and improve the bottom line (such as reducing resource use like energy and water) and as a way to generate returns at the top of the balance by developing new products and services.

Government legislation and initiatives, combined with societal and ecological trends suggest the need for sustainability is only going to increase. There is an important need for experience, knowledge, resources and proven capability to assist in making effective change. And even though it appears so much is wrong with the world today, it actually means there are abundant opportunities for companies to make a successful business out of improving it.

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  • Invest in businesses in environmental services and energy and environmental commodities broking

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Green Invest Head Office
Level 2, 480 Collins Street,
Phone: (03) 9220 0119
Fax: (03) 9220 0120

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