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G.U.D. Holdings (GUD) is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of security products, filtration products, farm and domestic pumps, garden products and electrical appliances. GUD was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on the 30th of June 1962. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $518 million out of its issued capital of $59 million. Its headquarters is located in Victoria, Australia and to date; around 1,350 people are employed in the company. GUD Holdings operates mainly in four business segments: automotive products, consumer products, security products and water products.

The automotive product segment of GUD Holdings Limited includes Cooper and Wesfil air, oil and fuel filters, Ryco, and Goss replacement fuel pumps. The products under this segment include air including cabin air; oil and fuel filter which are all marketed with brands of Cooper, Wesfil and Ryco.

The consumer product segment of GUD is comprised of Victa Lawncare, Oates Clean Cleaning hardware products and Sunbeam Appliances. The products of Sunbeam include kettles, toasters, food preparation appliances, fry pans, snack makers, BBQ grills, water filters and chillers, and coffee machines. The products of Oates include mops, brush ware, sponges, buckets, scourers and wipes while Victa is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of walk-behind lawnmowers for the markets in Australia and New Zealand.

The security products segment of GUD Holdings includes Kiroo, Lock Focus, Emka and Locktech. Kiroo and Emka is in charged of the hardware for electrical cabinets while Locktech is in charged of the safes and secure filing cabinets. Lock Focus is in charged of manufacturing locking solutions for manufacturers labeling their products with brand names Emka, Locktech and Lock Focus.

The water product segment of the company is comprised of Spa-Quip spa pool components, Davey pumps and water pressure systems, Monarch swimming pool products, Filterpure and Steriflo water treatment systems.

GUD Holdings Company History

GUD Holdings was founded as a producer of automotive filters in 1940. Victa branch was formed in 1952. The company’s stock started its trade on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1959 when the company offered its product to the public.

Lock Focus, Davey and Sunbeam were acquired by the company in 1993, 1995 and 1996 respectively. Campsie manufacturing site was closed by GUD. Kettle and slow cooker manufacturing was relocated to China from New Zealand in 2003.

Manufacturer of spa pool components, Spa-Quip which was founded in New Zealand was acquired by GUD in 2004. Davey, company’s subsidiary took water treatment products business of New Zealand in 2005. Its businesses were water coolers and purifiers, contamination control, filter pure cartridge filters and Steriflo ultra-violet water disinfection systems.

Oates Clean was also acquired that same year. Oates Clean was a consumer and industrial products brand for the cleansing of accessories segment and products. Monarch Pool Systems, a swimming pool industry founded in Western Australia was taken by GUD in 2006.

GUD Holdings Products and Services

G.U.D. Holdings is a manufacturing and marketing company retailing products in the consumer and industrial markets.

  • Water products like Pumps
  • Cleaning products
  • Hardware
  • Consumer products and appliances
  • Security products
  • Automotive parts and lawnmowers

Brands which GUD Holdings own include:

GUD Holdings Competitors

  • Cooper
  • Davey
  • Locktech
  • Kiroo
  • Filterpure
  • Goss
  • Monarch pool systems
  • Steriflo
  • Microlene
  • Oates Clean
  • Lock Focus
  • Ryco
  • Spa-Quip
  • Sunbeam
  • Victa
  • Wesfil

GUD Holdings Locations and Subsidiaries

GUD Holdings Head Office
245 Sunshine Rd
Tottenham VIC 3012
Phone: (03) 9243 3333
Fax: (03) 9243 3300

GUD Holdings Subsidiaries

Sunbeam Corporation Limited (New Zealand)
Victa Limited
Lock Focus Pty Ltd
Davey Pumps Inc
ED Oates Holdings Pty Ltd
Spa - Quip (Australia) Pty Ltd
Heavy Duty Filters Pty Ltd
Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd
Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd
Sunbeam Overseas Holdings Australia Pty Ltd
ED Oates Pty Ltd
Sunbeam Corporation Limited - t/a Victa
Spa - Quip Limited
Contamination Control Limited
GUD Investments Pty Ltd
Davey Products NZ Limited
G U D Automotive Pty Ltd
Goss Products Pty Ltd
Sunbeam Victa Holdings Ltd
GUD Europe Limited
Sunbeam Administration Services Pty Ltd
Davey Products Pty Ltd
Monarch Pool Systems Pty Ltd
G U D (NZ) Limited

Other GUD Holdings Details

GUD Holdings Year Established: 1958
ACN: 004 400 891
D-U-N-S: 753939065
ABN: 99004400891
Previous Company Names: GUD Holdings Pty Ltd

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