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Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund (HDF) is a diversified utility fund, with a market capitalisation of $488,122,836. The Fund invests in a portfolio of gas transmission and water utilities infrastructures assets across Australia and worldwide. The fund listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 13th of December, 2004. HDF focuses its development activities through three business segments: Gas pipeline owner and operator, Water utility owner and operator and Other.

Hastings Diversified Rejects APA's Offer

Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund (HDF) has released its target statement today rejecting the takeover offer that it has received from rival APA Group in mid-December. The company board is recommending its investors to reject the offer as it undervalues the company.

2012's First Week of the Best and Worst Traded Stocks

The holidays are over and companies are back in business to face the new year for the rollercoaster ride of share prices. The lists below are a record of the best and worst traded stocks in the ASX100, ASX200 and All Ordinaries in the Australian Securities Exchange in the first week of 2012, January 2-6, 2012.

Best Performing Trade Stocks ASX100 (XTO)


Best and Worst Pre-Christmas Traded Stocks

Stocks went up and down before Christmas day arrived and this record shows to prove it. Below are list of the best and the worst traded stocks in ASX100, ASX200 and All Ordinaries of the Australian Stock Exchange in the 51st week of 2011, December 19 to 23, 2011.

Best Performing Trade Stocks ASX100 (XTO)


Trading Winners and Losers for Dec. 12-16

This record contains the top 10 best and worst traded stocks in the ASX100, ASX 200 and All Ordinaries of the Australian Stock Exchange in the 50th week of 2011, from December 12 to 16, 2011.

Best Performing Trade Stocks ASX100 (XTO)


APA Bids $1.8b for Hastings Takeover

Gas pipeline owner APA Group (APA) has made a $1.8 billion bid for a complete takeover of the Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund (HDF). APA already owns 20.7 per cent of HDF and feels that Hasting's assets go in line with their infrastructure asset portfolio.

The Australian Stock Market Diary Next Monday

The schedule is full next week with 4 companies that will hold their extraordinary general meeting and 33 stocks that will go on ex-dividend on September 26, 2011.


Positive Stock Price Action - ASX 200

Positive Stock Price Action from these ASX 200 companies this week. These stocks increased their share price by the largest percentage on the Australian sharemarket, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) from the previous week of trading (50th week: 13th December to 17th December 2010). Other lists of Australian companies by market capitalisation.

Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund Dividends

1 September, 2010 - 13:40

Learn the dividend history for HASTINGS DIVERSIFIED UTILITIES FUND. A dividend is a share of a company's profits that it pays to investors and shareholders. Not all companies pay dividends; companies may decide to retain earnings and reinvest them back into the company. You are eligible to receive HDF dividends if you own the HASTINGS DIVERSIFIED UTILITIES FUND shares on the ex-dividend date. Investors and traders must purchase the stock before the exdividend date to be entitled to the dividend.

Week 13 Best Performers

Lihir Gold Limited (LGL), an Australian company involved in gold mining, exploration and processing with gold mine and processing facilities located in Lihir Island had the best performing stocks of the 13th week in ASX100 with a gain of 31.6 percent or 96 cents to its stock price closing the week at $3.99.

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