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Iluka Resources Limited (ILU) is engaged in the mining, exploration, separation and concentration of mineral sands as well as in the production synthetic rutile, rutile, ilmenite, coal, zircon and other titaniferous concentrates. ILU was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on the 30th of June 1962. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $1 million out of its issued capital of $611 million. Its headquarters is located in Perth, Australia and to date; around 1,600 people are employed in the company.

Iluka Resources Limited has processing and mining operations in Western Australia. These are Virginia and Murray Basin in Victoria. These two operations are engaged in conducting exploration activities domestically and internationally. 51.04% of CRL Ltd, a mineral sands company located in Queensland is owned by Iluka Resources Limited.

ILU also operates six processing operations as well as eight mining operations in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and United States. Aside from these operations, ILU also maintains mining projects which are still in the planning stage in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

Moreover, Iluka Resources Limited has an interest in the capacity and royalty payment arrangement connected with the iron ore operations of the Mining Area C of the BHP Billington in Western Australia. 50% of the interest of Narama thermal coal mine which is situated in Hunter Valley in New South Wales is held by the company.

Included in the products of Iluka that are sold around the world are titanium and zircon with main market in Aisa, Europe and North America. The titanium minerals produced by Iluka are used mainly to produce titanium dioxide pigment while the zircon is used for the manufacturing of refractories and ceramics as well as variety of chemical and high tech industrial applications.

Iluka Resources Company History

Iluka was a Westralian oil company when it was established in 1954. The name was altered to Westralian Sands in 1986. RGC which was a diversified miner was taken by Westralian Sands in 1998. The stock holders of the company decided to alter the name of the company to Iluka Resources in 1999.

Malaysia smelting purchased 75% interest in PT Koba Tin in 2002 from Iluka and gained Basin Minerals. Douglas mineral sands project found in Murray Basin, Southwest Victoria was obtained by Iluka and finalised extension project at its old Hickory plant located in Virginia.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed together with Austpac Resources in 2003 to buy synthetic rutile plant situated in the coast of Australia from Austpac. The MOU consisted of attaining a stake in Austpac's Synthetic rutile plant and got exclusive rights in Austpac's Synthetic rutile technology. Processing operations found in Georgia and Lulaton mining started in 2004. In addition, the company joined Douglas mineral sands projects found in Murray basin. Iluka Resources with Adelaide Resources (ARL) established Colona Joint Venture to search heavy minerals in the Eucla Basin’s Barton Colona area located in the Southwest, South Australia.

In 2005, Xstrata Coal bought Nardell Colliery mining which was managed by Ashton Coal Interest, one of Iluka's businesses. 50% non operated interest in Narama thermal coal mine situated in Hunter Valley, New South wales was dispersed to Xstrata Coal in August 2007.

New mineral sands prospect which is Minsk Prospect was found by Iluka in September 2007. Minsk Prospect is located in New South Wales portion from its Murray Basin tenement holdings. Heavy mineral (HM) was searched in Eucla basin, South Australia by Iluka in December 2007. The Far West Coast Native Title Group and Iluka signed a contract for historic Native Title permitting Iluka to go on with its mining activities at the Jacinth-Ambrosia zircon deposits found in Far West, South Australia.

Iluka Resources (ILU) Products and Services

Iluka (ILU) is involved with the mining operations of titanium minerals and zircon.

  • Titanium minerals and zircon mining, production and processing

Iluka Resources Competitors

  • BHP Billiton
  • Felix Resources Limited
  • Kumba Resources Limited
  • Oxiana Limited
  • Rio Tinto
  • Sons of Gwalia Limited

Iluka Resources (ILU) Locations and Subsidiaries

Iluka Resources Head Office
Level 23, 140 St
Georges Tce Perth WA 6000
Ph: (08) 9360 4700
Fax: (08) 9360 4777

Iluka Resources Limited
Locked Bag 1001
Hamilton 3300
Ph: (03) 5551 2300 Fax: (03) 5551 2333

Iluka Resources Limited
PO Box 84 Geraldton 6531
Ph: (08) 9360 4700 Fax: (08) 9956 8233

Iluka Resources Limited
PO Box 96 Capel 6271
Ph: (08) 9360 4700 Fax: (08) 9727 2353

Iluka Resources Subsidiaries>

Iluka Administration Limited
Lion Properties Pty Ltd
Iluka Midwest Limited
Basin Minerals Limited
Glendall Coal Limited
Associated Minerals Consolidated Limited
NGG Holdings Limited
Swansands Pty Ltd
Western Mineral Sands Pty Ltd
Assorted Minerals (USA) Holdings Inc
Western Titanium Limited
Iluka Resources Inc
Iluka Resources Exploration Inc
TE Consolidated LLC
RGC (USA) Minerals Inc
Iluka Consolidated Pty Ltd
Iluka (USA) Investments Inc
Westlime (WA) Limited
RGC Group Superannuation Pty Ltd
Ashton Coal Interests Pty Ltd
Basin Minerals Holdings Pty Ltd
Renison Limited
Yoganup Pty Ltd
Basin Properties Pty Ltd
Iluka International Limited
The Nardell colliery Pty Ltd
Gold Fields Asia Limited
Iluka Exploration Pty Ltd
Southwest Properties Pty Ltd
The Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Co Limited
Ilmenite Pty Ltd
Iluka Corporation Limited
Iluka Finance Limited

Other Iluka Resources Details

Iluka Resources Year Established: 1954
ACN: 008 675 018
D-U-N-S: 757544713
ABN: 34008675018
Previous Company Names: Westralian Sands Limited

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