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Integrated Research Limited (IRI) is aengaged in the development, design, as well as sale of systems and applications management computer software used for Internet protocol (IP telephony networks and business-critical computing. It also provides and distributes PROGNOSIS monitoring, management and performance solutions and tools to its customers across 150 countries. IRI was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on the 13th of December 2000. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $22 million out of its issued capital of approximately $423 thousand. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia and to date; around 150 people are employed in the company.

The product range of IRI's PROGNOSIS is an integrated suite of management and monitoring software that is exclusively designed to provide an organisation a maximum optimisation of the performance and reliability of the IT infrastructure across UNIX, Windows, Linux, and HP non-stop server platforms. Aside from that, PROGNOSIS also provides performance management and IP telephony lifecycle management for ACI BASE24 ATM/POS environments. It also gives solutions for monitoring EFTPOS systems and ATMs, IP telephony networks and Voice over IP (VOIP), web applications like travel booking systems and online banking as well as critical IT server infrastructure.

For the company's IP telephony market, specialised tools are offered by PROGNOSIS for call quality measurement and monitoring as well as for the identification and resolution of problems within the supporting computer-based infrastructure. PROGNOSIS provides tools for monitoring, diagnosis as well as troubleshooting of critical computer systems used by healthcare providers, hospitals, insurers and stock exchanges, and telcos and power companies.

For the company's POS or point of sale and ATM market, the IT support teams are provided by PROGNOSIS with insights needed for the identification and fixing of transaction problems. In the company's web applications segment, organisations are offered by PROGNOSIS with insights to know how well their revenue generating web-based applications are functioning and serving their customers.

Integrated Research (IRI) Company History

Steve Killelea formed in 1988 the Integrated Research. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000. After two years, PROGNOSIS version 7.06 for windows, Linux, UNIX and HP nonstop environments were dispersed by Integrated Research. Golden Gate, company of software joined in 2003 and agreed to propagate integrated points that will enhance their products’ features.

Management software latest version 8.0 PROGNOSIS was introduced by the company in 2005. Integrated Research thought of using PROGNOSIS for Web applications. This was designed to check response times and availability for web applications. Integrated Research and Tiger Communications in UK made a marketing and technical partnership. The purpose of the partnership was to solve and manage calls.

PROGNOSIS ATM Incident Manager which was the company’s new product in 2005 was distributed. This product was formulated to maximize the accessibility of ATMs and lessen problem management. At the later part of the year, the company partnered with T-Systems found in Germany.

Stephen Rorie became Chief Financial Officer of Integrated Research in July 2006. In November 2006, a tactical enterprise to spread its IP telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) management software in order to aid three its three added IP communication platforms. Integrated Research produced PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Management Reporter in December 2006. This software is to transmit solution for IP telephony.

PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Manager Software of Integrated Research submitted a compliance testing to the Avaya Developer Connection Program in January 2007. Integrated Research introduced formally PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Manager 9.0 in March 2007. This software was the first management solution to help Avaya IP Communications technology besides giving aide to multi-vendor environments where Cisco and Avaya Unified Call Manager systems co-exist. Technology bundling contract for five years was signed by the company to give PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Manager Technology to coordinate with EMC resource management software.

Integrated Research (IRI) Products and Services

  • Performance monitoring solutions for business critical environments
  • financial transaction processing systems
  • application management solutions
  • finance and banking
  • ATM & POS networks
  • telecommunications and IP telephony

Integrated Research (IRI) Competitors

  • Acterna
  • AdventNet
  • Brix Networks
  • Data#3
  • Embarcadero Technologies
  • Exclamation SOFT
  • Phoenix Business Systems.

Integrated Research (IRI) Locations and Subsidiaries

Integrated Research Head Office
Level 9 100 Pacific Hwy
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: (02) 9966 1066
Fax: (02) 9966 1042

Integrated Research Subsidiaries

Integrated Research Inc
Integrated Research UK Ltd

Other Integrated Research Details

Integrated Research Year Established: 1988
ACN: 003 588 449
D-U-N-S: 750726648
ABN: 76003588449
Previous Company Names:Integrated Research Pty Ltd

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