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InvoCare (IVC) caters funerals, burials and cremations related services in Australia and Singapore. InvoCare listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 4th December, 2003. There are about 151 funeral locations, 12 cemeteries and crematoria under management of IVC. The Company offers two national brands comprising White Lady Funerals and Simplicity. Its traditional funeral home brands consist of Blackwell, Guardian, George Hartnett, Le Pine, Purslowe. The Company also offers Value/Economy Funerals for those families who are financially not strong.

InvoCare Profit FY2012 $44.2m up 64.7%

Funeral and cemetery operator, InvoCare (ASX:IVC) have released its full year results for 2012 to shareholders, investors and traders participating on the Australian stock exchange.

  • InvoCare net profit of $44.5 million for 2012 full year. Up 64.7 percent from $27 million in 2011.
  • InvoCare is the largest funeral, cemetery and crematorium operator in the Asia Pacific region. InvoCare owns White Lady, Simplicity Funerals among other brands.

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InvoCare Dividends

1 September, 2010 - 13:40

Learn the dividend history for INVOCARE LIMITED. Dividends are payments made by a public company to its shareholders. It is a portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. You are eligible to receive IVC dividends if you own the INVOCARE LIMITED shares on the ex-dividend date. Investors and traders must purchase the stock before the exdividend date to be entitled to the dividend. The previous owner of the shares will receive the IVC dividend if you buy the stocks on or after the ex dividend date.

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Invocare (IVC) Stock Recommendation

Deutsche Bank have downgraded their rating for the Invocare (IVC) stock to Hold from Buy with a share price target of $5.09. The recent results released was good and the stockbroker is positive on the Invocare's capacity to leverage against a falling death rate. Macquarie is bullish on the stock with the stockbroker awarding it an Outperform rating and a share price target of $5.75. They have lifted their earnings forecasts on IVC stock following the result because of acquisitions and underlying fundamentals.

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