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Leaf Energy (LER) is involved in the growth, harvesting, refinement, promotion and sale of Natural betaCarotene. It grows the micro-bacteria Dunaliella Sallina as a natural source of betaCarotene. BetaCarotene is used as a colouring in food and cosmetics, and a nutritional supplement in human and animal supplements. In addition to bulk selling the product the company intends to produce its own range of cosmetics. LER is also investigating potential mining opportunities on its land holdings.

Aqua Carotene Industries was created in 1989 as a private entity aimed at commercialising the production of betaCarotene from Dunaliella Sallina. In 1994 the company was granted a 21-year lease for its growth ponds at Karathra. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Market (ASX) on 5 January, 1999.

The company's marketing emphasis is on the fact that its betaCarotene is produced naturally, and as such targets its product to 'natural' food and supplement producers. The company is also actively involved in researching betaCarotene extraction.

LER intends to wholesale its betaCarotene product to various international food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. It is one of two Australian based producers of natural betaCarotene. Other producers include, Henkel Corporation, Lion Corporation, BetaPharm, Nature Beta Technology and Western Biotech.

Leaf Energy (LER) Products and Services

  • Growth, Harvesting, Refinement, Promotion and Sale of Natural betaCarotene

Leaf Energy (LER) Locations and Subsidiaries

Leaf Energy Head Office
Level 4, 88 Musk Avenue,
Phone: 07 3138 9430
Fax: 07 3138 0080

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