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Life Therapeutics Ltd. (LFE) is a biotechnology company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of haemostasis and separation technologies for the life science markets. LFE was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on the 8th of Mat 1986. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $60 million out of its issued capital of $90 million. Its headquarters is located in New South Wales, Australia and to date; around 440 people are employed in the company. Life Therapeutics Ltd operates mainly in two business units: Life Sera and Life Diagnostics. LFE is in the "Health Care" sector, "Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences" industry group and in the "Life Sciences Tools & Services" industry.

Life Sera is in charged of providing hyper immune plasma for the life saving therapies manufacturers and this is done through a nationwide donor management system. Life Therapeutics also engages in the provision of life saving therapies from disease state donors including HBV, HIV and CMV. Life Diagnostics on the other hand is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of reagents that used in blood clotting disorders detection and diagnosis. Under this business unit, Life Therapeutics Ltd produces specialised clotting assays in order to detect Factor V mutation, thrombotic risk – Lupus Anticoagukant, speicalised test for bleeding disorders - von Willebrand’s disorder, Protein C pathway, as well as the quality control of materials to be used in the above mentioned tests.

Aside from Life Sera and Life Diagnostics, Life Therapeutic Ltd also has additional testing products including the INR Calibration Plasma Kit. This kit is composed of assayed plasmas which will be used to determine the International Sensitivity Index of (ISI) as well as the Mean Normal Prothrombin (MNPT) for specific instrument and reagent combinations, Heparin Resistant Calcium Chloride used in the discriminating the heparin from the oral coagulants, Calcium Chloride that is intended to be used in the coagulation tests with APTT reagents, lupus anticoagulants and factor deficiency in the APTT test system.

Life Therapeutics (LFE) Company History

Gradient was Life Therapeutics’ name when it was formed in the 1970s. It was established by Dr. Joel Margolis and Dr. Howard P. Manusu in Sydney, Australia. Gradipore became its name in 1986 and it was a public company when it joined Australian Stock Exchange. In 1993, LFE's products: LA Screen and Confirm were introduced into the US market and are still selling today through major distributors. The first international office began in Hawthorne, New York in 2001.

Gradipore in 2004 obtained Serologicals Specialty Biologics. The company then conjugated its New York office, its laboratory outside Atlanta, Georgia, and transferred its US headquarters in Clarkston, Georgia. The company altered the company’s name to Life Therapeutics. And in the latter part of 2004, commercial rights to produce Anti-D was taken by Life Therapeutics from Bio products laboratory, UK’s blood apparatus company.

Pyramid Biological Corporation was taken by the company in 2005. This company concentrated in Plasma and Biodiagnostic products located in California. Life Therapeutics moved its assets to its newly opened business named NuSep Ltd in October 2006. In November 2006, Life Bioprocess and Life Gels parted to become a different division. Two of its 14 centers for plasma collection were traded for $7.5 million to Haemorpharm in October 2007. Mr. Hari Nair resigned as the Chief Executive officer of the company. Mr. John Carlisle was selected by the company to be the Interim Chief Operating Officer for three months.

Life Therapeutics (LFE) Products and Services

  • Calcium chloride
  • Heparin resistant calcium chloride
  • INR calibration plasma kit
  • Quality control material for diagnostic tests
  • Specialised clotting assays for the detection of thrombotic risk
  • Specialised tests for bleeding disorders
  • Therapeutic products
  • Biological and diagnostic products
    • Gradient gels
    • Life science chemicals and haematology reagents

Life Therapeutics Competitors

  • Agenix Ltd
  • CSL Limited
  • PANBIO Limited
  • Peptech Limited

Life Therapeutics (LFE) Locations and Subsidiaries

Life Therapeutics Head Office
TMF Corporate Services (Aust)
Level 9, 50 Park St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8988 5808
Fax: (02) 8988 5855

Other Life Therapeutics (LFE) Details

Life Therapeutics Year Established: 1986
ACN: 001 001 145
D-U-N-S: 752243659
ABN: 79001001145
Previous Company Names: Gradipore Limited

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Name Changed from Life

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