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Linc Energy (LNC) operates in the energy industry and it is primarily focused on the exploration of coal, gas and diesel. LNC supplies environmentally friendly power, diesel and aviation fuels. The Company develops and commercializes coal to liquids (CTL) processes by combining Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Gas to Liquids (GTL) technologies. This allows it to convert stranded coal into ultra-clean liquid fuels in a cost-effective way. The Company has potential to take these proven technologies to UCG-suitable locations within and outside Australia. Linc Energy listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on May 10, 2006.

LNC’s Chinchilla Demonstration Facility is proven for producing Syngas (synthesis gas) from underground coal resources. Linc Energy utilises GTL technology at this facility to produce syncrude from UCG syngas.

As of June 30, 2008, the Company owned twelve coal exploration licenses. Its activities during fiscal 2008 included the development of three of its coal deposits located at Chinchilla, Emarald and the Arckaringa Basin in South Australia. The Company is engaged in undertaking exploration drilling operations within the Chinchilla exploration permit for coal (EPC’s) nearby the mining lease application (MLA) areas. LNC started drilling at its Emerald tenement (EPC 980) in June 2008. The Company has also started drilling activities on SAPEX’s tenement area and it is undertaking aggressive drilling operations at key coal targets in the Arckaringa basin. On 20 December 2007, Linc Energy completed the acquisition of 60% interest in SPC Yerostigaz.

Linc Energy (LNC) Products and Services

  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Diesel

Linc Energy (LNC) Locations and Subsidiaries

Linc Energy Head Office
Level 7, 10 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Phone: (07) 3229 0800
Fax: (07) 3229 6800

Other Linc Energy Details

Linc Energy Year Established: 1996
ACN: 076 157 045
D-U-N-S: 890656994
ABN: 60076157045
Previous Company Names: Linc Energy N.L.

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