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Macquarie Airports (MAP) is an Australian entity publicly traded by the Macquarie Bank Group. Its operation involves investment of funds in different airports worldwide specifically Australia’s Sydney Airport, Belgium’s Brussels Airport, Italy’s Rome Airport, Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport, UK’s Birmingham Airport and Bristol Airport. The company’s average annual revenue reaches approximately AUD$1.4 million. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia. To date, there are three entities operating under the management of MAP. These are the MAHBL, MAT1 or Macquarie Airport Trust 1 and MAT2 or the Macquarie Airport Trust 2.

MAHBL is an MAP company located in Bermuda. MAT1 operates through a managed investment scheme registered in Australia. It is the main entity used by Macquarie Airports to obtain the non-controlling interests in different airports while the MAT2 is the entity used by Macquarie Airports to acquire the controlling interests in different airports.

The interest of Macquarie Airports in Sydney reaches 72.1%, 53.9% in Belgium and 44.7% in Rome. Similarly, Macquarie Airports maintains a 53.4% interest in Copenhagen, 30.8% in Bristol and 15.5 % in Birmingham.

The operation of Macquarie Airports involves the provision of opportunities for airports portfolios. Value is added through the supplementation of experienced staff and by providing its investors the access to the diversified international financial services including the experience and expertise of the Macquarie Airports. To date, Macquarie Airports now has about 600 service and retail outlets that utilize more than 84,000 sq m of space to serve almost 120 million passengers.

Macquarie Airports Company History

In April of 2002, Macquarie Airport made their first public offerings. Macquarie Airport, also in the same month, got their holdings in United Kingdom’s Bristol and Birmingham Airports. After 2 months, Macquarie accomplished the acquisition with Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

In July 2002, the company entered into a conditional contract to get a 28 percent interest in Aeroport de Roma in Rome for 542 million Australian dollars. The business deal was closed after 8 months.

In the following year, the company made a binding contract with Macquarie Airports Group to get an extra 3.43 percent interest for 17.2 million from Abbey National. The company offered the Macquarie Airports Group shareholders to trade their shares for Macquarie Airport securities. A month later, the company obtained acceptance for Macquarie Airports Group for 21.5 percent of the groups’ shares that made the company’s holdings increase to 61.6 percent in the group’s holdings.

Macquarie announced that they acquired 11.3% share of Kobenhavns Lufthavne, a company that was listed on the stock exchange of Copenhagen and a company that owned the Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport for a total cost of AUD$282 million.

In 2005, Macquarie launched an offer for every Copenhagen Airport’s shares. The company also acquired an additional 0.6 percent of the Copenhagen Airports, taking the ownership of the Airport with 53.4 percent interest. In addition, the company got an additional 1.9 percent interest in the Belgium’s major international airport, Brussels Airport in September of 2006 from the Macquarie Bank.

Macquarie Airports (MAP) Products and Services

  • Owns and operates Airports in Australia and Europe
  • Value added investment opportunities
  • Other Macquarie Bank Group services
  • Diversified international financial services expertise and experience

Macquarie Airports Competitors

  • BAA plc
  • Infratil Limited
  • National Express Group PLC

Macquarie Airports (MAP) Locations and Subsidiaries

Locations and Subsidiaries:
Macquarie Airports Headquarters
35 Crow Lane
East Broadway Paget
Phone: +61 2 8232 9634
Fax: +61 2 8232 4713

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