Macquarie Bank CFDs

Submitted by Share Trading on 11 February, 2010 - 13:33

Macquarie takes its origins from the merchant bank Hill Samuel Australia (HSA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hill Samuel & Co. Limited, London. Established in Australia in 1969, it began operations in Sydney in January 1970 with only three staff. Today, the Macquarie group offers a diverse range of banking, financial, advisory and investment services including Macquarie Bank CFDs.

Macquarie has been consistently associated with a stream of major financial innovations, which have underpinned its reputation as a market leader. Macquarie aspires to be a pre-eminent provider of financial services over the long haul. CFDs or 'contract for difference' are now a very popular trading vehicle in Australia. Macquarie Prime provides CFD investors with direct online access to gain long or short exposure to ASX listed shares. To trade CFDs in either market direction you generally only need a small percentage of the share value.

With Macquarie Prime you can trade and invest in shares, CFDs and exchange traded funds. You can buy and sell over 2,000 ASX-listed securities on the Macquarie Trading platform. When trading with Macquarie Prime you can take both long and short positions, enabling you to profit from both rising and falling markets. Transferring your existing share portfolio into your Macquarie Prime Facility is a simple process. If you have a current investment loan against your share portfolio you can apply to refinance this loan into you Macquarie Prime Facility. Macquarie Prime provides a number of tools, including Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders, to help you effectively manage your risk or protect your share portfolio.

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