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Engaged in investing funds on big groceries and shopping centres worldwide, Macquarie CountryWide Trust (MCW) operates mainly as an investment trust company in Australia, New Zealand and the US and is managed by the Macquarie CountryWide Management under the real estate division of the Macquarie Bank Group. Aside from investing on groceries and shopping centres, MCW also invests on buildings and lands including equipment and integral part for the purpose of generating income from lease and rentals. MCW was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 15th of November 1995.

Worst Performing Shares of the Week

Telstra (TLS), the largest telecommunications carrier in Australia which provides information and telecommunications services including internet, mobiles and pay television services had the worst performing shares in the ASX100 list in the 6th week. The company had a market capitalisation of $38822.4 million. Telstra lost 7.9 percent or 27 cents to its stock price and was closed for the week at $3.12.

Best Performing Stocks of the Week

Aristocrat Leisure (ALL), a gaming company that focuses on developing gaming machines, software systems and related equipments was the best performer of the week in ASX100 with a gain of 9.5 percent or 38 cents closing the week at $4.35 (market capitalisation: $2320.2 million).

BlueScope Steel: Winner of the week

BlueScope Steel (BSL), a major investor in the steel industry that focuses in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific was the best performing stocks in ASX100 index for the 29th week that saw a rise of 15.7 percent or 38 cents in its stock price closing the week at $2.80.

Australian REIT Monthly

Here is an update on the Australian REIT Monthly (April 2008) provided by Australian market analyst UBS

Australian REIT Monthly

Month in review - April 2008
April 2008: Slight relative underperformance but in the black:

The S&P/ASX 300 Prop Accum index was up 4.2% in Apr'08, underperforming the S&P/ASX 300 Accum index by 0.3%. LPT's have under performed the broader Australian market over a 3 mth (-1.7%), 6 mth (-10.8%), 1 yr (-17.7%), 5 yr (-7.8%) and 10 yr (-1.8%) period.

UBS Commercial leads the way:

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