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Medical Australia (MLA) is an Australian listed company committed to excellence, quality and innovation in healthcare through the acquisition and growth of both new and established Australian companies. Company are focused on the manufacture and delivery of quality medical devices and equipment for the healthcare industry that deliver superior outcomes for patients. Investors can trade Medical Australia shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

At Medical Australia, company care about healthcare. This core value leads us in everything that company do, from developing key professional relationships with doctors who are leaders in their field, to establishing sustainable manufacturing and business practices, creating a safe and healthy workplace and supporting the health needs of developing countries.

Their portfolio of companies currently includes TUTA Healthcare, TUTA Vet and Clements Medical Equipment . Company are committed to significant growth by leveraging their key strengths of quality, flexibility and customer relationships in their existing businesses, expansion into overseas markets and through new acquisitions complementary to their portfolio.

Their history derives from two Australian companies, BMDi Limited and TUTA Healthcare, coming together to form BMDi TUTA Healthcare Pty Ltd in 2008. BMDi Limited was an Australian company formed in 2001 to specialise in the development of products designed to reduce needle-stick injuries with a focus on safety injection, collection and needle destruction devices. The company was listed on Australian stock market on 20 December, 2004.

In March 2008, BMDi acquired the business and select assets of TUTA Healthcare to form BMDi TUTA Healthcare Pty Limited, and in 2009, BMDi TUTA acquired the business of Clements Medical Equipment. With the acquisition of TUTA and then Clements Medical Equipment, the decision was made to change the name of the listed company to MEDICAL AUSTRALIA (ASX: MLA) at the end of 2009, in line with the acquisitive focus of the business and the need to better reflect the growing portfolio of companies owned by the business.

Medical Australia has an acquisitive focus and Company will continue to expand their portfolio of companies in the medical consumables area based on their key criteria of growth and global market potential. In addition, their established brands, expertise in design and manufacture, international customer base and broad, low-cost manufacturing and sourcing capabilities means company are well-positioned to achieve significant growth in both domestic and overseas markets through their existing company portfolio. In the immediate future company will focus on outsourced manufacture for major international medical companies (OEM), pursue further opportunities to license their intellectual property and continue to develop and source new products.

Medical Australia (MLA) Products and Services

  • Manufacture and distribution of a range of medical devices, which are targeted at reducing the incidence of sharps injuries within the global healthcare industry.

Medical Australia (MLA) Locations and Subsidiaries

Medical Australia Head Office
Level 11, 37 Bligh Street,
Phone: (02) 9233 2688
Fax: (02) 9233 3828

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