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Nufarm Limited (NUF) is a company engaged in manufacturing and supplying a variety of agricultural chemicals that are used by farmers in protecting the crops from being damaged by pests, weeds, and disease. NUF was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 10th of November 1988. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $1.7 billion out of its issued capital of $155 million. Its headquarters is located in Laverton North, Australia and to date; around 2,300 people are employed in the company. Nufarm Limited operates mainly in two business segments: industrial, fine and performance chemicals and crop protection.

The industrial, fine and performance chemicals business segment of Nufarm Limited is in charged of the manufacturing of chlor alkalis, coatings and surfaces for the automotive, consumer and pharmaceutical industries. This segment operates and manages two chlor alkali plants located in Western Australia. These two plants supply chlorine to producers of titanium dioxide. This segment is also in charged of the Lobeco operations mainly in South Carolina in North America. Lobeco produces a range of fine and performance chemicals that are used in the fertiliser and explosive industries and construction business by pigment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

The crop protection business segment of NUF is engaged in the manufacturing of pesticides and herbicides. The manufacturing operation is done at plants located in Belvedere, UK, Linz, Austria and Melbourne, Australia. The production of a variety of crop protection products is done at facilities located in France and Western Australia.

Nufarm Company History

In 1997, the North American phenoxy herbicide business of Rhone-Poulenc's was acquired by Nufarm Limited. Two years later, the company made an acquisition of the Riverdale Chemical Company. Riverdale Chemical Company produced and distributed crop protection products.

The company acquired the name "Nufarm" in the year 2000. It was also in the same year when the Fernz Construction Materials, the company's construction chemical business was sold to the Lafarge Group. In 2001, the French interests of the company were merged into one within the Nufarm France. It was in the same year when Fernz Timber Protection, the timber treatment business of Nufarm was acquired by Osmose, a wood treatment equipment and chemicals maker. A year after, 14% of India's Excel Industries' pesticide business was bought by the company.

In 2003, an acquisition of the Makhteshim-Agan's Environmental Protection Agency labels for Butoxone was made by Nufarm Americas and Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Company. This led to a joint venture named SRFA. It was also in 2003 when the company's Florigene biotechnology subsidiary based in London was acquired by Suntory, a Japanese firm.

The acquisition continued the next year when the phenoxy herbicide business of BASF was acquired by Nufarm in 2004. An agreement stating that the right to distribute all the crop protection products of BASF in Australia belongs to Nufarm was signed by BASF and Nufarm. It was also in the same year when Nufarm was granted by Syngenta the exclusive distribution rights in US for its Predict herbicide for the forestry markets and industrial vegetation.

It was in April 2005 when the SEAC pharmaceutical intermediates business of Nufarm was sold to Minakem Holdings SAS. It was sold for E23 million. The company's purpose for selling it was to concentrate more on its central businesses.

Nuturf, Nufarm Limited's Australian specialty/turf business was sold to C K Life Sciences International Holdings, a Hong Kong-based company in August 2005. In November 2005, a crop protection company based in Columbia, Agroquímicos Genéricos, was acquired by Nufarm.

It was in April 2006 when Dovuro Seeds, a canola seed production and marketing company based in Australia was acquired by Nufarm Limited. The shares of Nutrihealth, an Australia-based specialty canola seed breeding company were also acquired by Nufarm.

Nufarm (NUF) Products and Services

Nufarm is involved in the manufacture and formulation of crop protection and other industrial chemicals.

  • Nufarm Crop Protection:
    • Herbicides
    • Fungicides
    • Pesticides
  • Nufarm Industrial, fine and performance chemicals:
    • Alkalis
    • Coatings
    • Surfaces

Nufarm Competitors

  • Monsanto Company
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Sanford Limited
  • Wilbur-Ellis Company

Nufarm (NUF) Locations and Subsidiaries

Nufarm Head Office
103-105 Pipe Rd
Laverton North VIC 3026
Phone: (03) 9282 1000
Fax: (03) 9282 1001

Nufarm Limited
6 Manu St
Otahuhu New Zealand
Ph: (64 9) 270 4157 Fax: (64 9) 270 4159

Nufarm Subsidiaries

Croplands Equipment Pty Ltd
Mastra Industries SDN BHD
Medisup International NV
Agryl Holdings Ltd
FCHEM Limited
Nufarm Chile Limitada
Danestoke Pty Ltd
Nufarm Agriculture (Pty) Ltd - South Africa
CGNS Limited
ACN 000 425 927 Pty Ltd
Nufarm Asia Pte Ltd - Singapore
Fernz Singapore Pte Ltd
Les Moulin Des Ecluses
Chemicca Limited - New Zealand
Nufarm Americas Holding Company
Frost Technology Corporation
Framchem SA - Egypt
Finotech BV - Netherlands
Manaus Holdings Sdn Bhd - New Zealand
Mastra Holdings SDN BHD
Nufarm Materials Limited
Nufarm de Guatemala SA
Mastra Corporation Pty Ltd
Nufarm De Costa Rica SA
Nufarm de Panama SA
Nufarm Inc - USA
Interferon NZ Limited
Nufarm Agriculture Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd - Zimbabwe
NF Agriculture Inc (USA)
Nufarm Asia SDN BHD
Nufarm Columbia Ltda
Nufarm de Mexico Sa de CV
Nufarm SRL
Mastra Corporation SDN BHD
Nufarm Finance (NZ) Limited
Ag-Seed Research Pty Ltd
Nufarm Labuan Pte Ltd
Nufarm Technologies (M) SDN BHD
Timber Preservatives SDN BHD
Nufarm Canada Receivables Partnership
Nufarm Chemical (Shanghai) Co Limited
Nufarm Crop Products UK Limited
Nufarm Treasury Pty Ltd
PT Nuturf
Societe des Ecluses de la Garenne - France
Nutrihealth Pty Ltd
PT Cropcare
TPL Limited
Nufarm GmbH - Germany
Nufarm-Coogee Pty Ltd
Nufarm Do Brazil Ltda
Nufarm SA
Nufarm Americas Inc - USA
Nufarm Deutschland GMBH
Nufarm KK - JAP
Nufarm Espana SA - SPA
Fernz Canada Limited
Nufarm Investments Cooperatie WA
Nufarm Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Nufarm Platte Pty Ltd
Nufarm SAS
Nufarm Insurance Pte Ltd
Nufarm Italy Holding SRL
Nufarm UK Limited
Nufarm GmbH & Co KG - Austria
Nufarm Holdings SAS
Nufarm Portugal Ltda
Nutrihealth Grain Pty Ltd
Nufarm USA Inc - USA
Nugrain Pty Ltd
PT Agrow
PT Nufarm Indonesia
Nufarm Italia SRL
Nufarm NZ Limited
Nuseed Pty Ltd
Seed Tech Pty Ltd
Opti-Crop Systems Pty Ltd
Selchem Pty Ltd
Bestbeech Pty Ltd
Fidene Limited - New Zealand
Inpar SAS
Marman De Mexico Sociedad Anonima De Capital variable
Nufarm BV - The Netherlands
Nufarm Holdings (NZ) Limited
Pharma Pacific Pty Ltd
Nufarm Agriculture Inc - Canada
Marman Holdings LLC
Pacific Raw Materials Limited
Nufarm Australia Limited
Medisup Securities Limited
Nufarm Technologies USA
Nufarm Technologies USA Pty Ltd
Artfern Pty Ltd
Access Genetics Pty Ltd
Laboratoire Europeen De Biotechnologie SAS
FCCHEM (Aust) Limited
Croplands Equipment Limited - New Zealand
Nufarm de Ecudaor SA
CNG Holdings BV - Netherlands
Agcare Biotech Pty Ltd
Australis Services Pty Ltd
Clama SAS
CNZL Limited
Marman (Nufarm) Inc
Mastra Corporation USA Pty Ltd
Nufarm De Venezuela SA
Crop Crae Australasia Pty Ltd
Marman De Guatemala Sociedad Anonima
Health & Science Limited
Crop Care Holdings Limited

Other Nufarm Details

Nufarm Year Established:1916
ACN: 091 323 312
D-U-N-S: 758458046
ABN: 37091323312

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