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Nylex (NLX) is in the business of manufacturing and distribution of a range of branded plastic and automotive products. NLX listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on October 9, 1987. The Company is organised into three business divisions: Lifestyle, Solutions and Automotive. The Lifestyle division trades in branded products, such as Nylex, Esky, Gardena, Ajax Fasteners, Senco, Melded, Colorino and Frontrunner and it includes Nylex Consumer Products (Australia and New Zealand), Melded Fabrics and Nylex Films & Fabrics. Nylex Consumer Products is engaged in the supply of diverse range of garden and hardware products to the Hardware and Home Improvement markets. Solutions division delivers plastic based solutions which consist of water tanks, garbage bins, communication pits and plastic containment solutions. Nylex Water Solutions business capitalises on the increasing need for water conservation. Automotive division focuses on the supply of plastic based products and interior carpets to the car manufacturers along with their suppliers, including fuel tanks and it is comprised of Nylex Fuel Tanks Systems, Kennon (Automotive Trim) and Exacto.

Nylex History

The Company listed in Hobart on second board in 1987 under the name Austrim. In 1990, it acquired the 50% interest in BWAC. The company followed a strategy to grow through acquisitions, starting with AH Plant Hire in 1996. Later the Company also entered into the textiles, automotive industry. Some of the acquisitions of the Company include Nylex Polymer Products, Nylex Packaging and Nylex Rotomould in 1998, and Malco Truck and Trailer Parts and Engineered Automotive and Industrial Polymers in 1999. In 1999, the Company changed its name from Austrim Limited to Austrim Nylex Limited. In 2001, the company underwent a restructuring phase and divested Scientific Devices. It divested its textiles division in 2002. In 2004, Austrim Nylex (ARL) changed its name to Nylex (NLX) and divested several of its businesses in the Automotive Division. It acquired the business of Australian Rotomoulding Industries Plastank Pty Limited in 2004.

Nylex (NLX) Products and Services

  • Moulded carpets and mats
  • Interior and exterior trim coatings
  • Interior door panels
  • Multi-layer fuel tanks and plastic moulded components
  • Door seals and anti-vibration products
  • Fasteners
  • Surface laminates
  • Mobile garbage bins
  • Bulk chemical and food containers and water tanks

Nylex (NLX) Locations and Subsidiaries

Nylex Head Office
50 - 70 Stanley Drive, Somerton
VIC, Australia, 3062
Phone: (03) 9303 1444
Fax: (03) 8646 0990
Email: contactus@nylexlimited.com.au

Nylex Industrial Products
Unit 1 1 Healey Rd Dandenong 3175
Ph: (03) 9213 4444 Fax: (03) 9213 4420

Nylex Water Solutions
20 Purton Rd Pakenham 3810
Ph: (1300) 092 837 Fax: (03) 9541 4976

Melded Fabrics & Kennon (Automotive Trim)
3 Healey Rd Dandenong 3175
Ph: (1800) 035 389 Fax: (03) 9706 5481

Materials Handling
80 Hartnett Dr Seaford 3198
Ph: (1800) 335 195 Fax: (03) 9786 4975

Nylex Fuel Tanks Systems
29-33 Woomera Ave Edinburgh Park 5111
Ph: (08) 8182 2999 Fax: (08) 8182 2982

Nylex Subsidiaries

Nylex Corporation Pty Ltd - t/a Nylex Packaging
Austrim Properties Pty Ltd
Pitmain Pty Ltd
Austrim Textiles Pty Ltd - t/a Genevieve Yarn Dyers
Nylex Water Solutions Pty Ltd
Celrets Pty Ltd
Natcon (Overseas) Sdn Bhd
Nylex Properties Pty Ltd
Ormsray Corporation Pty Ltd
Spurway Cooke Holdings Ltd
Ajax Technology Centre Pty Ltd
Nylex Automtive Investments Pty Limited
Nylex Industrial Products Pty Ltd
All Hire Pty Ltd
Ajax Building and Industrial Fasteners Distribution Pty Ltd
Nylex (New Zealand) Limited
Levema Pty Ltd
Natcorp Investments Ltd
Sidney Cooke Fasteners Pty Ltd
Spurway Cooke Industries Pty Ltd
Eilloc Pty Ltd
Ajax McPherson's Australia Pty Ltd
Fawldapp Pty Ltd
Hawker Richardson Limited
Ajax Cooke Pty Ltd
Doric Agencies Pty Ltd
Baslow Pty Ltd
Champion Hyquip Sales and Service Pty Ltd
Champion Environmental Technologies Pty Ltd
Belvedere Textiles Australia Pty Ltd
State Car Hire Pty Ltd
Australian Inhibitor Paper Pty Ltd
Hanstock Fasteners Pty Ltd
Australian Highway Plant Services Pty Ltd - t/a AH Plant Hire
Interlink Communications Australia Pty Ltd
AHP Motor Traders Pty Ltd
Ekul Investments Ltd
Henderson's Ltd
Ivingham Cross Pty Ltd
National Consolidated Pty Ltd
Ajax Cooke Pty Ltd
Jetpur Pty Ltd

Trading Names

Nylex Ltd
Austrim Nylex Limited

Other Nylex Details

Nylex Year Established: 1987
ACN: 009 375 553
D-U-N-S: 757801055
ABN: 95009375553
Previous Company Names: Austrim Limited; Austrim Nylex Limited

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