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Pacifica Group (PBB) is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of brake systems and technologies. The Company also focuses on the manufacturing and sale of friction materials for use in automotive applications. PBB floated on the Australian Stock Exchange on 2nd November, 1989. It’s head office is based in Melbourne, Australia. To date, Pacifica has circa 2,000 staff employed across 5 countries almost entirely through PBR, its automotive subsidiary.

Loser: Pacifica (PBB)

The worst performing stock for this week ('Loser of the week') on the ASX is Pacifica (PBB). The company stock fell 20 percent on the back of a profits warning. The Australian based company is involved in the manufacture and sale of automotive components, friction materials, plastic products, tooling and construction products. Pacifica is a world leading automotive brake technology company.

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