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Prana Biotechnology Limited (PBT) is a company engaged in researching about Alzheimer's disease as well as other type of age-related neurodegenerative diseases and disorders. It is also focused on developing pharmaceutical products that are exclusively designed and developed to treat and cure the root causes of the brain and eye degeneration as part of the aging processes. PBT was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 28th of March 2000. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $0.4 million out of its issued capital of approximately $53 million.

Australia's Sharemarket Events This Friday.

After a long wait, one company is finally scheduled to float on October 7, 2011, while 6 more will hold their general meeting and 3 stocks will go on ex-dividend.


Prana Biotechnology Dividends

18 October, 2010 - 01:13

Examine the list of historical dividends for Prana Biotechnology. Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. It is the portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. If Prana Biotechnology Limited has declared a dividend, you may be eligible to receive PBT dividends if you own the company's stock on the ex-dividend date. Investors must have purchase the shares before the ex dividend date to be entitled to the dividend declared by the company.

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