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PrimeAg Australia (PAG) is an investment Company that invests in a portfolio of high quality Australian rural properties and water entitlements,as to take advantage of the growing global demand for soft commodities. PrimeAg listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 24th December, 2007. The Company seeks to achieve a diversified commodity exposure by establishing farming "Hubs" in different regions throughout Northern NSW and Qld. The Company’s goal is to reduce the severe consequences of risks arising from drought and short term commodity price fluctuations, which are an inevitable part of Australian agriculture. The Company achieves this by investing in properties that are located in safer rainfall areas and, where appropriate, with irrigation water entitlements, and are geographically diversified across different climatic zones; and through efficient operations within Hubs by mainly focusing on factors like labour cost and effective machinery utilisation. The Board members and senior management team of the Company have wide experience in delivering high returns from agribusinesses, along with having a deep knowledge of and experience in their respective fields. The Company seeks to generate returns in the top 20% in Australia by efficiently managing its properties and Hubs for the agricultural enterprises undertaken by the Company as measured by industry recognised benchmarking firms. PrimeAg also focuses on identifying new development opportunities in order to maximise its capital growth.

Primeag Australia (PAG) Products and Services

  • Rural properties and water entitlements

Primeag Australia (PAG) Locations and Subsidiaries

Primeag Australia Head Office
78 West St, Toowoomba
QLD, Australia, 4350
Phone: 61 7 4688 4588
Fax: 61 7 4613 0230

Trading Names

PrimeAg Australia Limited

Other Primeag Australia Details

Primeag Australia Year Established: 2007
ACN: 127 984 123
D-U-N-S: 756636254
ABN: 66127984123

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