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Rubicon America Trust (RAT) is a property investment trust. The Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate (CRE) properties and loans in the United States. Rubicon America Trust listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 6 December, 2004. The responsible entity for the trust is Asset Management Limited. Rubicon America Trust makes investments in US real estate through its subsidiary, the US REIT which is US real estate investment trust.

Rubicon America Trust (RAT) Stock Recommendation

Deutsche Bank have intiated coverage of the Rubicon America Trust (RAT) stock with a Buy recommendation. Future projections are seen as low risk with 86 percent or so of income underwritten by the US government, the analysts estimate RAT offers investors a FY07 yield of 11.6 percent. There is potential upside still from refinancing constructions, new leases coming up and the occasional acquisition.

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