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Seven Network Limited (SEV) is a commercial television broadcaster. SEV was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 12th of August 1993. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $2.6 billion out of its issued capital of approximately $223 million. Its headquarters is located in Pyrmont, Australia and to date; around 1072 people are employed in the company. Seven Network Limited operates mainly in four business segments: television, magazines, stadiums and investments.

The television segment of SEV is comprised of Channel 7's owned television stations located operating in the metropolitan markets of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. These stations also operate in Queensland's regional markets. Included in the television stations that Seven Network Limited operates are Melbourne's and Sydney's production facilities, Seven Resources, programming, advertising, major films from Disney and 20th Century fox, infotainment, overseas drama, mini series, sport and a joint venture with Network Nine and Network 10.

Seven Network Limited is also engaged in magazine publishing which is also another business segment of the company. Included in the magazine portfolio of SEV are That's Life, New Idea, Men's Health, Marie Claire, Home Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Your Garden, K Zone, Girlfriend, TV Hits, Total Girl, Famous, Monument, and Explode.

For the stadium business segment, SEV holds an equity interest in Colonial Stadium located in Melbourne's Dockland amounting to $10 million. It also holds naming and signage, joint venture with Ticketmaster, and Medallion Club platinum seats. The Red Tickets as well as the Perth Entertainment Centre located in Western Australia are also owned by Seven Network Limited.

Seven Network Limited also owns and manages an interactive television platform wherein users are allowed to choose additional options when they are watching digital television. 80% interest in Australia's major mobile service provider, B Digital, is also owned by the company.

Seven Network Company History

Seven Network was formed in 1991 and joined Australian stock Exchange in August 1993. C7 sports channel of the company was established in 1998 and ended in 2001 when Foxtel acquired the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League television rights which were formerly owned by C7. In 2002, Seven started lawsuits proceedings against Foxtel for its wrongdoing.

Shareholding of the company's PMP was traded in 2003. Murdoch Magazines was taken by Seven in 2004. The company purchased Pacific MM for $81.3 million in 2004, Kimlin Holdings for $1 million and Pacific magazines for $1 million in 2004. Yahoo! Inc. and Seven joined their online, IPTV and mobile businesses in New Zealand and Australia in 2005. Pacific Premium Publishing was traded to $1 million. The obligations and rights of all operating financiers were taken by the company in 1997. This agreement was from the Stadium property Trust (SPT). The company paid $115.3 million.

The company extended to take all the company's interests of Telstra Dome in June 2006. Yahoo! 7 and Telecom New Zealand created a media company which is Yahoo!Xtra in February 2007. The company founded in Auckland gives products and world class online content to New Zealanders. Director Gordon Cairns stepped down from being one of the boards of director of the company.

William Rayner retired in March 2007 as Director. SBS and Seven Network signed a contract to give the coverage of the Games of XXIX Olympiad to be done in Beijing China in 2008. Tivo and Seven Network signed a tactical partnership to provide services and products of Tivo in New Zealand and Australia in May 2007.

Coca Cola Australia and Seven Network introduced its plan to produce a programme for music television for Seven Network and content across the spreading delivery platform of Yahoo! 7. Bebo and Seven Network partner's Yahoo! 7 launched tactical agreement to offer display advertising blending the well-known products of Yahoo! 7 to provide rich media. Granada International and Seven Network signed a numerous – year contract in December 2007

Seven Network (SEV) Products and Services

Seven Network's primary focus is commercial television broadcasting. SEV also has other related media ventures.

  • Broadcasting services
  • Content and production
  • Entertainment venues and property
  • Magazines publishing
  • Online and broadband technologies
  • Telecommunication, digital and new technologies
  • Television production

Seven Network Competitors

The Seven Network has competitors in TV and in magazine media.

  • Austar United Communications
  • Fox Broadcasting Company
  • Nine Network
  • Telstra Corporation (Foxtel)
  • Ten Network Holdings
  • Time Warner
  • Magazines: ACP, FPC

Seven Network (SEV) Locations and Subsidiaries

Seven Network Head Office
Level 4 38-42 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: (02) 8777 7777
Fax: (02) 8777 7778

Seven Network Limited (Sales Office)
Level 3 38-42 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont 2009
Ph: (02) 9967 7777 Fax: (02) 9967 7770

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Sydney)
Mobbs Lane
Epping 2121
Ph: (02) 9877 7777 Fax: (02) 9877 7888

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Melbourne)
160 Harbour Esplanade
Docklands 3008
Ph: (03) 9697 7777 Fax: (03) 9697 7747

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Queensland)
140-142 Horton Pde
Maroochydore 4558
Ph: (07) 5430 1777 Fax: (07) 5430 1760

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Brisbane)
Sir Samuel Griffith
Dr Mt Coot-tha 4006
Ph: (07) 3369 7777 Fax: (07) 3368 2970

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Adelaide)
45-47 Park
Tce Gilberton 5081
Ph: (08) 8342 7777 Fax: (08) 8342 7717

Seven Network Limited (Channel Seven Perth)
Off Dianella
Dr Nianella 6059
Ph: (08) 9344 0777 Fax: (08) 9344 0670

Seven Network Limited (Los Angeles Bureau)
10100 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 2060 Los Angeles California 90067
Ph: (310) 553 3345 Fax: (310) 553 4812

Seven Network Limited (Seven Network Asia Ltd)
Suite 1512-13
Wanchai Hong Kong
Ph: (852) 2526 2928 Fax: (852) 2526 2097

Seven Network Subsidiaries

Channel Seven Brisbane Pty Ltd
Channel Seven Adelaide Pty Ltd
Yahoo!7 Communication Australia Pty Ltd
Coventry Street Properties Pty Ltd
I7 Limited
Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd
Seven Network Programming Pty Ltd
C7 Pty Ltd
Faxcast Australia Pty Ltd
Australian Television International Pty Ltd
Dodds Street Properties Pty Ltd
Australian Television Network Limited
Channel Seven Perth Pty Ltd - t/a Channel Seven
P2 Pty Ltd
Seven Custodians Pty Ltd
Seven Entertainment Limited
Zangerside Pty LTD
Seven Satellite Pty Ltd
Direct Target Access Pty Ltd
Pacific Magazines Pty Ltd - t/a Pacific Publications
Pacific MM Pty Ltd
Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Seven Broadcast Properties Trust
Seven Network Investments Pty Ltd
Tallglen Pty Ltd
Zed Holdings Pty Ltd
Southdown Publications Pty Ltd
Yahoo! Australia & New Zealand (Holdings) Pty Ltd
Channel Seven Queensland Pty Ltd
West Central Seven Limited
Wide Bay-Burnett Television Limited
Yahoo! Digital Media (Content) Pty Ltd
Seven Network International Limited
Seven Resources Pty Ltd
Sunshine Broadcasting Network Limited
Seven Productions Pty Ltd
Seven Television Australia Limited
Seven Network Nominees Pty Ltd
Seven Regional Operations Pty Ltd
Seven Network Asia Limited
Seven Network (United States ) Inc
Yahoo! Australia & NZ Pty Ltd
Kenjins Pty Ltd
SMG Finco Pty Ltd
Australian National Television Pty Ltd
Channel Seven Melbourne Pty Ltd
SMG H5 Pty Ltd
Point Pty Ltd
Red Publishing Pty Ltd
P4 Pty Ltd
SMG H2 Pty Ltd
Realtime Reporters
Pacific Magazines NZ Limited
Seven MC Pty Ltd
Cobbittee Publications Pty Ltd
Kimlin Holdings Pty Ltd
Seven Media Group Pty Ltd
Seven Magazines Pty Ltd
SMG H3 Pty Ltd
SMG H4 Pty Ltd
Seven (WAN)
Text Pacific Pty Ltd
Seven Finance Pty Ltd
Blacklash Pty Ltd
Pacific Magazines (No 2) Pty Ltd
Pacific Magazines Trust
Manooka Holdings Pty Ltd
SMG H1 Pty Ltd
Seven Network Limted
Jupelly Pty Limited

Other Seven Network Details

Seven Network Year Established: 1991
ACN: 052 816 789
D-U-N-S: 751233701
ABN: 21052816789
Previous Company Names: Television Holdings Limited

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