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Trading Basics

Share trading basics for beginners

Share trading can be complicated when you go over all the details and information that you need to know. It can also be very overwhelming for a newbie who doesn't want to lose money and have an early retirement. But there are key basic concepts that can be very helpful for the beginner, that doesn't require you to interpret a whole bunch of charts or read through pages of company profiles.

How Do I 'Ride the Winners' When I Trade Shares?

Learn about riding winners when share trading.

Establishing share trading winners is a process. If you're a beginner, start by educating yourself about the market. Set specific goals and formulate a trading plan. Next, start researching the stock and company. Weigh the pros and cons of each stock when picking your lineup, don't just rely on advice. Here are other suggestions:

  • Have a set of rules that has an edge and that you consistently follow. Sometimes you will lose, but capital will increase as your number of trades go up.

Share Dilution

Learn about share dilution and how to calculate it.

You can invest in a business by buying stocks (equity) or bonds (debt). You become part owner of the business when you buy stock, and you loan money to a corporate or government entity when you buy bonds. Profits are paid to shareholders in the form of dividends, and earnings are calculated on a per-share basis. Sometimes a company will issue a lot of shares, resulting in shareholder earning less. This is when share value becomes diluted.

Astrology Share Trading

What is Astrology Share Trading

People use fundamental analysis and technical analysis to make investment and trading decisions. But there are a certain group of people who believe in using astrology for share trading. One website claims: "[Service]... offers a unique educational experience for traders wishing to decipher the esoteric mysteries veiled within the teachings of legendary trader W.D. Gann." You've probably heard of, William Delbert Gann who created the technical analysis tool known as Gann angles. Gann market forecasting methods are based on geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics.

How To Start Trading on the Sharemarket

Learn how to start investing or trading on the sharemarket. A short tutorial.

Many people dabble in stocks nowadays, whether it be investing or online share trading, you are in it for the money. The difference is in how the money is made: an investors' goal is for capital growth in the long term and an income from dividends while a share trader looks at making money purely from capital growth, typically in the short term.

Share Trading Basics

Before beginning on your trading journey, you must first learn some share trading basics.

Before beginning on your trading journey, you must first learn some share trading basics. You can start trading on the Australian sharemarket for as little as $500 plus brokerage costs, but most people start with $2000 minimum. Share trading involves the buying and selling or selling and buying of a stock – capital growth or capital decline for profit. Before you even starting buying and selling stocks like a mad man you must first ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve from your share trading?

Is Share Trading Gambling?

Marco tries to Answer Whether or Not Share Trading is Glorified Gambling or a True Profession?

Is share trading a gambling activity? The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines gambling as to 'play games of chance for money'. It also defines gambling as to 'risk much in the hope of great gain'. Now, old George doesn't think share trading is gambling. In that post, he says, "You used technical indicators to tell you that the balance of probability lies in your court and if it doesn't - well you must quickly initiate risk management and cut losses." A statement that contradicts our dictionary definition. So some people classify share trading as "glorified gambling." Well, if you stick to the genuine definition of gambling, share trading IS gambling. Personally, I was in denial with this for a long time. Every time someone brought up share trading and gambling I would refuse to believe it was. But surely there's more to this argument...?

What is Share Trading?

Marco tries to answer the simple question: "What is Share Trading?"

What is share trading? Of course you may say - the answer is simple: "Share trading is the activity of actively trading shares in the view of making a profit". Simple wasn't it? Well, case closed, we can all go home now. Well, I want to probe into what share trading really is in reality, not some non-sensical theory that seems impractical in the real world. Sure, the laws of supply and demand rule the markets, but what I want to discuss is what share trading means to the retail trader: traders like you and me.

Share (Stock) Trading as a Home Business

Trading stocks and forex is a job. And can ba a successful home based business

For anyone who has started their own home business or made a career for themself at home. I am interested in starting a business or finding something that I can do from my home, possible using the computer. I have not come up with an idea yet. But I'd like to hear from anyone who has done something like this and hear what you think about working from home. Are you/have you been successful? I am NOT out to "steal" anyones business idea, so you don't have to share exactly what you do, if you do not want to. Just curious if I should do it or not.

How to get started in playing the stock market?

You are young - so I guess you have a riskier trading profile than older people - And please don't call it "playing".

I am a 17 year old teenager and i want some tips on how to get started in playing the stock market?

You are young - so I guess you have a riskier trading profile than older people. You have the time to earn back money you lose - so perhaps most of your "playing" would be high risk high return ventures / trading. Have a look at CFDs ( and other derivatives for a little leverage.

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