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Silex Systems (SLX) is a research and development Company. Its principal operations and activities include the development and commercialisation of laser isotope separation enrichment technology known as SILEX and the research and development of enriched silicon for the semiconductor industry. SLX listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 7 May, 1998. Silex focuses it development activities through three business divisions: laser enrichment, photonics and solar energy; and test and measurement equipment. Its laser enrichment division is focused on the enrichment of uranium, silicon, carbon and oxygen by using the SILEX laser isotope separation technology. Its photonics and solar energy division focuses on the development of silicon-based materials and manufacturing technology for use in both the optical communications and mainstream computer chip industries. It is also involved in the development of a solar energy conversion cell. Its test and measurement equipment segment develops electronics equipment for the acquisition of data and electronics instrumentation industries. The Company’s subsidiary ChronoLogic Pty Ltd (ChronoLogic) is engaged in the development of data acquisition equipment by using its USB-inSync technology. Silex Systems holds a 90% interest in ChronoLogic.

Silex Systems History

SLX was founded as the research subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Limited in 1988, to carry out research in the area of laser isotope separation. In 1994, the Company’s SILEX technology was proven and the Company divested out of Sonic Healthcare in 1996. The Company floated on the ASX in 1998. In 2000, Silex launched its Stable Isotopes Program for the development of applications of SILEX Technology for Silicon, Oxygen and Carbon enrichment. In 2000, Silex received the 2000 Australian Technology Award for Excellence in the Manufacturing and Engineering industry. In 2002, SLX acquired a controlling interest in a laser based optical communications company, Fiberbyte Pty Ltd based in Adelaide. In 2004, the world’s first silicon laser enrichment pilot plant was commissioned by Silex. In 2005, Silex announced that its Uranium Enrichment Technology Evaluation project is successfully completed. Silex entered into an exclusive Commercialisation and License Agreement with General Electric Company in May 2007, for the SILEX Uranium Enrichment Technology, with approvals received from US Government in October.

Silex Systems (SLX) Products and Services

  • Laser isotope separation process

Silex Systems (SLX) Locations and Subsidiaries

Silex Systems Head Office
Building 64, Lucas Heights Science & Technology Centr,
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia, 2234
Phone: (02) 9532 1331
Fax: (02) 9532 1332

Silex Systems Subsidiaries

ChronoLogic Pty Ltd (ChronoLogic)

Trading Silex Systems Names

Silex Systems Ltd

Other Silex Systems Details

Silex Systems Year Established: 1988
ACN: 003 372 067
D-U-N-S: 750613069
ABN: 69003372067
Previous Company Names: Silex Systems Pty Limited, Australian Nuclear Enterprises Pty Ltd, Junefort Pty Ltd

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