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St. George Bank Limited (SGB) is an Australian-based company engaged in the provision of banking and financial services particularly retail banking, capital markets, commercial banking and group treasury as well as funds management. SGB was listed on the 2nd of July 1992 on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $6 billion out of its issued capital of $3 billion. Its headquarters is located in New South Wales, Australia and to date; around 8,500 people are employed in the company. St. George Bank Limited operates mainly in four business segments: The Institutional and Business Banking (IBB), Retail Bank (RB), Wealth Management (WM) and the BankSA (BSA).

The Institutional and Business Banking (IBB) segment of St. George Bank Limited is in charge of serving the company’s institutional clients through services like derivatives, treasury market services, foreign exchange and money market. Aside from these services, IBB also embarks on securitisation, wholesale funding, capital market and liquidity management operations.

The Retail Bank (RB) segment of St. George Bank Limited is responsible for the management of the general retail banking operations of the company. The management operations of this segment include the residential and consumer lending, personal finance services, financial planners, small business banking as well as the call and term deposits.

The Wealth Management (WM) segment of St. George Bank Limited engages in the provision of different wealth management services. These services include administration and fund management services, financial planning, margin lending, and investment advices.

St. George Bank's BankSA segment embarks in the company’s operation in South Australia and Northern Territory. It is the leading provider of personal finance and housing products in the states in Australia and Northern Territory and it runs the largest ATM network branch in South Australia as well. This segment offers different banking services like internet banking, personal banking, business as well as treasury services that include investments, foreign exchange, capital markets and other international services.

St. George Bank Limited (SGB) Company History

In 1937, St. George Bank was established as a cooperative building society. The company joined the Cornulla district cooperative building society in 1945. It has 130 branches in Australia, being the largest building society by 1980. In 1992, they became a full-service bank then two years later, they expanded the business in the commercial banking segment with the acquisition of Barclays' commercial banking operations, Advance Bank, and BankSA in Australia in 1997.

They continued with their strategy of acquisition; they acquired SEALCORP, which is an investment products and personal savings provider, then acquiring the services of KPMG Financial Services, and the Scottish Pacific Business Finance Group or the SPBFG. St. George also acquired the Deutsche Bank’s margin lending business in 2001.

Ascalon Capital Managers, a member of St. George Group, sold its equity stake to Jenkins Investment Management in 2005. The company signed a three year contract with UGS or United Group Services in Philadelphia. United Group Services will provide CRE or the Corporate Real Estate facilities, real estate, and management of capital works projects, according to the signed agreement.

In August 2006, New Zealand and St. George Bank sold the residential mortgage lending portfolio of the Superbank to GE money. In the same month, they acquired HSBC Bank Australia’s margin lending assets, which has loans receivable of more or less 420 million Australian dollars that would increase to 2.5 billion Australian dollar of the company’s margin loan book.

St. George Bank (SGB) Products and Services

  • Personal and small businessbanking services
  • Corporate and business banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Internet banking
  • Wealth management
  • Investment advice
  • Finance and loans services: automotive, home loans, credit cards
  • Leasing
  • Margin lending
  • Securitisation
  • Treasury
  • Wholesale funding
  • Transactional banking

St. George Bank Limited Competitors

St. George Bank (SGB) Locations and Subsidiaries

St. George Bank Limited Headquarters
St George House 4-16 Montgomery St
Kogarah NSW 2217
Phone: (02) 9236 1111
Fax: (02) 9952 1000

St.George Bank Limited
Level 1 60 Marcus Clarke St
Canberra City 2601
Ph: (02) 6243 5555 Fax: (02) 6243 5840

St.George Bank Limited
Level 2 158-164 Swanston St
Melbourne 3000
Ph: (03) 9296 4333 Fax: (03) 9296 4395

St.George Bank Limited
Level 2 10 Felix
St Brisbane 4000
Ph: (07) 3246 6400 Fax: (07) 3246 6441

St.George Bank Limited
97 King William St
Adelaide 5000
Ph: 13 13 76

St.George Bank Limited
Level 11 Central Park
152-158 St
George's Tce Perth 6000
Ph: (08) 9265 7400 Fax: (08) 9265 7427

St. George Bank Limited Subsidiaries>

NSW Future Plan Pty Ltd
Goldset Pty Ltd
St.George Investment Services Limited
Crusade Management Limited
Hanstock Fasteners Pty Ltd
Hanstock Home Systems Pty Ltd
St.George Motor Wholesale Pty Ltd
Advance Superannuation Pty Ltd
St.George Home Finance Pty Ltd
Managerial & Financial Services (Hong Kong) Limited
Dysty Pty Ltd
AAM Nominees Pty Ltd
St.George Funding Company LLC - USA
Kerbridge Diagnostics Pty Ltd
VS&L Services Pty Ltd
Advance Life Insurance Limited
Adba Pty Ltd
St George Business Finance Pty Ltd
ACN 003 239 272 Pty Ltd
VS&L Insurance Agency Pty Ltd
St George Dragon Investment Pty Ltd
St.George Partnership Finance Limited
Lawnbag Pty Ltd
St.George Finance Limited
St.George Development Capital Limited
St George Procurement Pty Ltd
St.George Wholesale Finance Pty Ltd
Kerbridge Local Systems Pty Ltd
Kerbridge Pty Ltd
Hanstock Pty Ltd
St.George Finance Holdings Limited
Hanstock Voice Systems Pty Ltd
Kerbridge Imaging Pty Ltd
Advance Leasing Limited
St George Wealth Management Pty Limitd
Thomaston Rail Pty Ltd
Diskice Pty Ltd
St.George Custodial Pty Ltd
Kerbridge Air Control Pty Ltd
Advance Asset Management Limited
Kerbridge Loyalty Software Pty Ltd
Crusade CP Management Pty Ltd
Hanstock Intelligence Pty Ltd
St. George Insurance Pte Ltd
St George Life Limited
Home Owners Mortgage Equity Pty Ltd
St George Group Holdings Pty Ltd
St.George Security and Custody Pty Ltd
Securitor Financial Group Limited
Advance Insurance Agencies Pty Ltd
St George Procurement Management Pty Ltd
Canberra Advance Property Limited
Danaby Pty Ltd
Advance Commercial Finance Limited
Nationwide Management Pty Ltd
Kerbridge Waste Management Pty Ltd
Sealcorp Holdings Limited
Buchelin Pty Ltd
St.George Commercial Credit Corporation Limited

Other St. George Bank Limited Details

St. George Bank Limited Year Established: 1951
ACN: 055 513 070
D-U-N-S: 750628273
ABN: 92055513070

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