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Starpharma Holdings (SPL) is a world leading developer of nanotechnology-based pharmaceuticals operating in Australia and United States. The Company develops and commercialises dendrimer products for use in pharmaceutical, life-science and other applications. SPL is engaged in the development of nano-scale materials, with a particular focus on the development of topical vaginal microbicides to prevent transmission of genital herpes and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The key product brand of the Company is VivaGel, which is the most advanced product included in its pipeline. Starpharma listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 28 September, 2000. The Company’s securities are also traded in the US under the American Depository Receipts (ADR) program (OTCQX: SPHRY). SPL is seeking dendrimer opportunities in materials science with applications in areas, including adhesives, lubricants and water remediation. Starpharma is also investigating about the human papillomavirus (HPV) as the third disease area following encouraging pre-clinical data. Starpharma manages its activities through Starpharma Pty Ltd which is based in Melbourne, Australia, and Dendritic Nanotechnologies (DNT) Inc. which is based in Michigan, United States, both of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of SPL. DNT specialises in the synthesis of unique dendrimer structures. The Company’s goal is to generate wealth through the commercialisation of its dendrimer nanotechnology based proprietary products both directly and through DNT. Starpharma is expected to source income through licensing of its technology to interested pharmaceutical companies.

Starpharma Holdings History

SPL was formed in 1996 for developing the dendrimers based polyvalent technology. Biomolecular Research Institute (BRI) which was based in Melbourne initially investigated this technology in 1992 before it was being licensed to SPL. Starpharma Holdings was listed on the ASX in 2000.

Starpharma Holdings (SPL) Products and Services

  • Pharmaceuticals used in the prevention of STDs including HIV

Starpharma Holdings (SPL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Starpharma Holdings Head Office
Baker Building, 75 Commercial Road
Prahan, VIC, Australia, 3181
Phone: (03) 8532 2700
Fax: (03) 9510 5955

Starpharma Holdings Subsidiaries

Viralstar Limited
Starpharma Limited
Preclin Pty Ltd
Angiostar Limited
Dendritic Nanotechnologies Limited

Other Starpharma Holdings Details

Starpharma Holdings Year Established: 1997
ACN: 078 532 180
D-U-N-S: 890964489
ABN: 20078532180
Previous Company Names: Starpharma Pooled Development Limited

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