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Sterihealth (STP) is a specialist clinical waste company providing collection and disposal services to a wide variety of clients in the hospital, medical, dental, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. The company operates throughout New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

The company listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in November 1993. In 2002, the company acquired Medipose Pty Ltd, a medical waste business in NSW. In the following year, it completed the acquisition of Nuplex Medismart.

SteriCorp is the largest provider of medical waste services in Australia, holding approximately a third of the market share. It provides a full-service system for handling clinical waste. This service includes provision of appropriate bins, washing and lining bins, transporting and disposal of waste and the correct tracking and EPA reporting for clinical waste.

Its customers include hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers, outpatient clinics, pathology facilities and dental clinics. It competes with other clinical waste companies in Australia. On August 1, 2008, the Company acquired the BIOCORP business from BIOCORP Aust. Pty Ltd. BIOCORP is a Melbourne-based supplier of single-use containers for sharps and bio-hazardous waste.

Company's product range greatly extends into the Pathology and Laboratory areas (Research and Commercial), with an extensive range of consumables and purpose designed kits available for almost every application. Within their Service offerings, SteriHealth is a specialist licenced Biohazardous waste company providing collection and disposal services. From their extensive experience company offer broad waste consulting and total waste management solutions to help reduce overall waste streams coming from the Health sector.

Their people, products and services specialise in protecting people and reducing risk. But SteriHealth does not just work within the Healthcare area - company work closely with manufacturing, research and government entities -- to improve employee and customer safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage corporate and personal risk.

Their services include medical waste disposal and sharps disposal management, product recalls and retrievals, healthcare on-site waste stream management, pharmaceutical waste disposal and medical safety product sales.

Sterihealth (STP) Products and Services

  • Specialist clinical waste company providing collection and disposal services.

Sterihealth (STP) Locations and Subsidiaries

Sterihealth Head Office
Level 8, 470 Collins Street, MELBOURNE,
Phone: (03) 9629 7733
Fax: (03) 9529 7455

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