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Staging Connections Group (STG) is a leading event services and media manufacturing group. STG is a Company of an international scale and dimension and it is providing a number of integrated services for the delivery of events in Australia and worldwide. STG listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 2nd September, 1999. The Company operates in three regions: Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (ANZPAC); Asia, and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Staging Connections Group provides services for business events, large scale entertainment and sporting events and trade and consumer exhibitions.

Staging Connections Group Dividends

18 October, 2010 - 00:56

Examine the historical dividends for Staging Connections Group. The dividend a corporation pays is the amount of money, normally a portion of the profits, a board of directors distributes to the ordinary shareholders of the corporation. If Staging Connections Group Limited has released a dividend, you may be eligible to receive STG dividends if you own the company's stock on the ex-dividend date. In order to receive the dividend payout, investors must purchase the stock before the ex dividend date.

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