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Stock Split Secrets: Profiting From A Powerful, Predictable, Price-Moving Event is about making phenomenal money in the stock market! If you have a desire to trade in the stock market, this book is your ticket to success.

Stock Split Secret$: Profiting from a Powerful, Predictable, Price-Moving Event is witty, fun, comprehensive, and a must read for anyone building wealth. No matter what trading or investing strategy you use now, or plan to use in the future, you can dramatically increase your earnings by adding the power of stock splits.

Positive Review of Stock Split Secrets

Most people have heard about stock splits but know nothing about them or why they are so powerful. Some people have even been duped by supposed financial authorities who claim that there is no benefit to stock splits. This is pure nonsense. Stock splits are a powerful and highly profitable way to make money in the stock market. Stock splits substantially outperform the market as a whole. Don't believe me? Are you a doubting Thomas? Do this this. Do back and check on the following stock symbols:
ADSK, EBAY, and CFC for starters. Then go to Yahoo and click on stock splits and check any other stock you want to and compare these stocks witht he market as a whole. Result? In good times or bad times, stock split companies have way outperformed the market as a whole. Some companies like EBAY and CFC have done incredibly well. Had you bought ADSK and held on to it after it split, you would have more than doubled your money.

One problem. How do you profitably play splits? Aside from WADE COOK's WALL STREET MONEY MACHINE series, Stock Split Secrets is the only book that discusses stock splits and it does it even better than Wade Cook does in his books. The Nelson's have taken stock splits and from actual experience developed it into a science. With stock splits it is possible to make 200% annualized returns. Put that into your IRA or regular account and tell me what that is worth to you! Great book for all success oriented investors.

Negative Review of Stock Split Secrets

I have read many investment books but Stock Split Secrets is just a piece of garbage. Compare this book to a late night commercial on TV where the guys claim that they made $50,000 in less than a week. But in practice people end up loosing money. If profiting from stock split is an effective technique, do you ever think Darlene Nelson will disclose the secret to the public?. I have been testing this strategy for the past five months and I can very well say that this never works, If you guys are want to make money in Wall street, learn from experts like William O'Neil, Martin Sweige, Jim Cramer etc. I bought this book because of excellent review found on this site. Now I am convinced that those reviews were posted by the author or people who work for them. What a shame.

Author Biography

Nelson A. Miles was born on Aug. 8, 1839, at Westminster, Mass. After completing his schooling at the age of 17, he moved to Boston, where he became a clerk and studied military tactics at night. At the outbreak of the Civil War he used his savings and borrowed money to raise a company of volunteers and was commissioned a lieutenant. He was able to transfer to the 61st New York Volunteers as a lieutenant colonel in September 1862. His rise to prominence was then meteoric, and he emerged from the war a major general of volunteers and recipient of the Medal of Honor. He married Mary Hoyt Sherman in 1868 (a niece of Gen. William T. Sherman and of Senator John Sherman of Ohio). Family influence brought him a colonelcy in the Army and command of the 40th Infantry Regiment.

Table of Contents

  1. The Power of Stock Splits.
  2. Investing In Stock Splits.
  3. Finding Stock Splits.
  4. Stock Splits-The Mini-Play Book.
  5. Stock Splits Patterns.
  6. Why Companies Do Stock Splits.
  7. The Stock Splits Process.
  8. The Stock Market is a Cash Cow!
  9. Options for Stock Splits.
  10. Technical Concepts.
  11. The Five Power Profit Plays.
  12. Putting The Pieces Together.

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