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Supply Network (SNL) is the listed holding company of a group of related entities dealing in the importation, distribution and sale of components to the road transport industry. Each of these subsidiaries operates as an independent company with its own management team and its own market focus. The company was listed on Australian stock market (ASX) on 10 September, 1987.

SNL’s interests are based in Australia, New Zealand and nearby markets, where subsidiary companies already have a significant presence. SNL believes there are opportunities for steady organic growth in these existing subsidiaries and further substantial growth through start-up or acquisition of related specialist businesses.

SNL seeks to add value to its subsidiaries by supporting management process, providing appropriate financial resource and leveraging information technology investments. Company subsidiaries utilise leading edge and fully integrated enterprise software. They are capable of trading electronically with each other and third party companies and have an inherently low average cost of transaction.

Both the supply and distribution sides of the road transport component market are complex. Single entities are only able to effectively leverage a limited number of the product opportunities and rarely access more than a small proportion of the active distribution channels. By networking separate business units each with a different focus company believe SNL can improve service levels and lower the cost of components to the industry.

Road transport in Australia and New Zealand is highly integrated yet organised to offer remarkably different services for different applications. SNL aims to provide a similar level of integration and organisation to build a better structure for component supply.

Supply Network (SNL) Products and Services

  • Provision of after market parts to the commercial vehicle industry.

Supply Network (SNL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Supply Network Head Office
151 Fairfield Road, GUILDFORD,
Phone: (02) 9892 3888
Fax: (02) 9892 2399

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