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Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Insider Trading Surveillance

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) will strengthen its surveillance of insider trading and simplify its operating rules following a wide-ranging review into its role as market supervisor.

In changes expected to cost about $10.4 million over the next three years, the listed exchange will also set up a separate subsidiary company to conduct its supervisory functions.

The ASX said on Thursday it would bump up annual listing fees from July 1 next year to cover the cost of some of the changes.

UBS predicts two faces to the Aussie Economy for 2006

In the view of UBS, 2006 will be a story of two halves for the Australian economy, where the first six months is likely to produce better results than the second six months.

The broker expects the current moderate recovery in economic growth to continue for the next few quarters, but the fact high commodity prices have been masking issues for the domestic economy is likely to be revealed in the December half next year.

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